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What does a business consultant do?

While the title ‘consultant’ is rather broad and can be seen in many different contexts, the core responsibility of a consultant is to provide professional, expert advice on a particular subject or field. Consultants can be utilised in a wide range of industries including medicine, tech, business and more. Basically, any industry you can imagine either has consultants of their own, or has a reason to engage one externally. 


What is the role of a business consultant?

When talking about business specifically, there are a number of different types of consultants that can assist in the following areas:


Business consultants work closely with organisations, helping them to understand their current state, their desired future state and then strategise on how they may achieve that goal. Depending on the needs of the organisation, this may be an extensive process that involves lots of analysis, reporting, programs, organisational wide workshops or it may be as simple as providing coaching to an individual or a team. Regardless, the role of a business consultant is to help organisations perform the best that they can and optimise the ways in which they achieve their goals and execute their strategy.

A business consultant’s specific service offerings will vary depending on what their specialty is, however generally their offers will either be some type of analysis and strategic advice, a done-for-you service, one time training or ongoing coaching.


Analysis and strategic advice

Regardless of which industry or element of business they specialise in, a business consultant will almost always offer some type of analysis and strategic advice. This is the type of offering that business consultants are most known for. If a company has an issue, even if the root cause is unknown, a consultant will be able to thoroughly analyse all aspects and give a detailed report that outlines the issue. This process may include (but is not limited to) onsite observations, surveys, interviews, focus groups and benchmarking. Once they have identified the issue and have done the relevant theming required, they will then be able to devise a solution and provide advice on how the issue can be improved. 


Done-for-you service

Oftentimes, a consultant’s done-for-you service will come straight off the back of their analysis and strategic advice. A consultant may suggest a specific solution in their report that they are able to provide such as leadership coaching, training, digital transformation, change management, etc. Generally organisations engage the same business consultant or agency to execute their strategy as they understand the intricacies of what they are trying to achieve and understand the business fairly well. 


One-off Training

Organisations will also engage business consultants to conduct one-off training sessions or workshops where an expert on a particular topic is required. These sessions could be used to coach a team that is underperforming, train people on how to use a new software solution, talk through a new set of processes or to upskill employees. 


Ongoing coaching

A core business offering for most consultants is ongoing executive and leadership coaching. The idea behind ongoing coaching is that a coachee has the opportunity to apply their learnings week by week and check in with their coach as they go along. They can receive regular feedback and advice in bite sized pieces that can be applied each week without being forgotten or becoming overwhelming. It also allows them to ask their coach questions about recent real-world situations as they occur.


Business Consultants By Design

While there are many different types of business consultants, recently there has been a huge increase in the demand for consultants that specialise in people and culture. It is widely understood that your people are the most important asset any business could have. Therefore, the culture of your organisation and the behaviours demonstrated by the people within it will dramatically influence the overall performance of the company. Every organisation has a culture, but the question is whether it is the right one that will aid your business’s success. At Performance By Design, we call this your culture code. 

With the right culture code and behaviours instilled within an organisation, they ultimately have the recipe for success. On the other hand, if an organisation’s workforce is unhappy and disengaged from what the business is trying to achieve, then the culture is a hindrance to achieving their goals.

That is where a business consultant comes into play. Business consultants’ are often utilised to provide insight into an organisation’s culture and help them to create and implement strategies that will cultivate a high-performing culture. Performance By Design’s business consultants do that by implementing improving behaviours, empowering employees, creating safe environments, focusing on wellbeing and upskilling leaders and teams.


What services do business consultants offer?

Performance By Design business consultants can be engaged in varying capacities and provide a number of different services including:


Why does an organisation need a business consultant 

Every Business has room for improvement, but it’s almost impossible to see the areas of opportunity when you work so closely within it. That’s why many businesses utilise the services of a business consultant. They are experts in their fields and can provide in-depth diagnosis, invaluable strategy, masterful advice and an implementation process that will catapult your organisation towards achieving its business goals and KPI’s.

If your organisation is struggling with team underperformance, rapid business growth pains, generational workplace engagement, leadership development or stressed and unwell staff, then it may be time to consider a business consultant. Get in touch with Performance By Design today and help us give you the high-performing culture code that your business needs.