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Team Culture Building & Training

What’s the ultimate threat to the survival of your organization? An internal disconnection between people and culture. Neglecting to provide your employees with a clear scope on how they're moving and the expectations from their role, you can quickly begin to lose confidence and trust within your team. A connected team can build higher performance and lends to a more productive culture overall.   At Performance by Design, we understand that each is unique, and our approach to team development is tailored to suit a range of situations and personalities. Using generated data at each in-person or virtual training session, we can help to implement specific structures that can aid in team identity and team mindfulness.

Team framework and development

Performance by Design works with your organization at all stages and levels of development to establish a motivated and effective team that can deliver on goals and visions.

Our services include workshops, team planning, team building, team coaching and the use of proven tools to assist in all aspects of culture building, including:

  • Best practice for communication within your teams.
  • Understanding key aspects in employee and leadership behaviours.
  • Setting team and individual goals, which can be done quarterly or yearly depending on the organization.
  • Establishing a team dynamic and accepting individual differences within the team.
  • Providing and accepting feedback.
  • Management techniques and mechanisms that can help resolve conflicts within teams.
  • The various stages of team development.
  • How to manage and motivate your team when they are struggling or have been with the organization for a long time and may be losing momentum.
  • Effectively integrating project outcomes with the development and performance of staff and management.
  • How to coach managers, leaders and other key staff members who may be new or having a hard time adjusting.
  • Guiding senior leadership teams and managers in a way that benefits both parties.

Explore our program offerings

A great culture is more than just getting along and having fun. No matter the size or level of your team, Performance by Design can work with you every step of the way to establish a safe and productive environment for all team members.

Single sessions

We can spend a half or full day in-person or virtually with your team ironing out a pathway that leads to better teamwork. Through team building and other exercise, Performance by Design can help you establish a better culture - in just one day!

3-month or 12-month Culture Code implementation program

Need more than just one day to accomplish your goals? Ready to completely transform the culture of your organization? If you are looking for something more hands on that spans over several months - this program is it.

Establish a culture code system through real talk scenarios, honest conversations and the implementation of best practices. Keep your team more connected and empower each member to establish themselves within the organization.

Monthly retainer options for 24/7 support

During these unprecedented times, 24/7 support may be required to get your team through these difficult times. It’s important each member understands they aren’t alone. Performance by Design can help your team manage new pressures and overcome challenges they are currently facing while working remotely.