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Generational engagement

Build cohesion between senior staff, millennials and new recruits.
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High performance teams are made of individuals that motivate each other, freeing managers and executives to focus on high-impact strategic decisions.

Do you have a dysfunctional multi-generational team?

Dysfunctional teams are common and happen for many reasons, ranging from generational gaps between individuals to superficial personality clashes.

As team dysfunction grows, managers will often resort to a continual cycle of motivational speeches and attempts at incentivisation. These approaches are admirable and may yield short term results, but none get to the root of the issue: communication has broken down and the team's culture needs rebuilding.

This is hard to achieve without a clear system for improvement.

Your framework for the ultimate success

The Performance by Design system teaches honest, two-way dialogue that gets to the roots of team dysfunction.

Communication is a skill that we don’t typically try to improve in day-to-day life; with regular group activities and one-on-one coaching, Performance by Design rewrites the key behaviours that drive communication. Tailored lessons will cover message delivery techniques and the psychological barriers to feedback acceptance.

The outcome of Performance by Design is a team that is emotionally capable of meaningful communication regardless of individual position in the team. We call this high-performance dialogue.

Over the course of your Performance by Design program, high performance dialogue will be practised and refined until it becomes habitual. Supported by your Performance by Design Architect, senior leaders and junior staff will learn to work together and achieve greater output.