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Leadership development

Overcome the challenges of an inexperienced leadership group.
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Great leaders are made, not born. To achieve greater output, you need to mould your highest performing 'players' into quality team leaders.

Do your leaders have enough support?

Hiring is just one phase of successful recruitment. Often, the biggest challenge to HR managers is ensuring that new hires are surrounded by an effective leadership support system.

What makes a great leader?

Great players do not necessarily make great leaders - playing a game and coaching it are two very different things.

In the sporting arena, it’s all too common to see individual acts of brilliance followed up by a frustrating lack of team accountability.

In the business world, promotions to leadership roles are often given as reward for individual achievement. Without support and guidance, this is actually setting new leaders up for failure.

To establish a strong leadership group in your organisation, you need a system that teaches practical leadership skills and reinforces team-first behaviours.

A leadership system with roots in professional sports

Performance by Design can develop stronger leadership qualities in your team with the help of a PBD Architect - an experienced leader to guide the team in workshops.

Your tailored Performance by Design program will begin with essential skills training in communication and personal accountability. Team members will practice delivering honest feedback on the performance of their leaders - an activity that may be confronting, but will be mediated by your PBD Architect to ensure all dialogue is constructive.

Many of your leaders will be unacquainted with sharing constructive feedback. Throughout the Performance by Design program and with the help of your PBD Architect, it will become habitual for all team members.

Skills training will be supported by regular exercises and group projects to galvanise the team and bring true leadership qualities to the surface.

Purpose, values and behaviours

Performance by Design is a ground-up approach to leadership development.

Every Performance by Design activity and Institute session will reinstate these pillars of high-performance culture - and it will be up to your leaders, supported by your Culture Coach, to ensure they are lived day-in, day-out.

On completion of the Performance by Design program your leaders will have the skills and experience to maintain a winning culture.