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Over-stressed Staff
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Dealing With Unwell or
Over-stressed Staff

Minimise the strain of a high-stress team environment. Prioritise staff wellness and encourage psychological safety on a day-to-day basis.
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Wellness and mental health are known to play a key role in performance and attendance. Are members of your team struggling to cope?

Individuals that struggle to cope or perform consistently will benefit the most from mindfulness training. Regular exercises such as meditation can be the final piece of the puzzle for high-intensity workplaces.

Meditation can be the key to a happier workplace

Learning to meditate allows you to access more of who you are. In an average 9-5 workday, taking just 5 minutes to breathe, reflect and release tension can decrease stress levels and improve overall productivity.

Meditation allows you to experience more creativity, deepens fulfillment, and leads to stronger relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. Being mindful can have a positive impact on not only your work but also those around you. Learning to better communicate and express emotions, people who meditate often show more acceptance towards each other, creating a more welcoming and holistic working environment.

Fatigue management training

Workers who experience fatigue often suffer higher rates of burnout, emotional exhaustion, and poor job satisfaction. Taking a leadership approach to embedding culture change to improve burnout, Performance by Design helps our clients manage and mitigate the risk that comes with fatigue.

By developing and implementing evidence-based Fatigue Risk Management (FRMS), policies, procedures, and processes we help mentor leaders and their team members to develop strong safety cultures that encourage a commitment to organisational success and self-management.

Build a safer team with Performance by Design

For organisations looking to improve safety performance at work, having leaders that understand its importance can influence the behaviour of fellow team members. Combining expertise in leadership development with safety culture and performance, Performance by Design helps leaders across the globe achieve incredible results.

Our consultants offer bespoke, flexible solutions that ensure the safety of your team and help you develop the skills needed to become a highly effective safety leader, including:

  • Toolkits and training materials
  • Learning and development programs that target safety culture
  • In-field coaching to develop strategies for a safer work environment