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We engineer performance by connecting and empowering teams.

Using a tailored system structured to address unique business pain-points and personalities, cultural transformation is assured.

This is Performance by Design.

What are your current challenges?


Does your team communicate openly and honestly about behaviours? Effective communication sets expectations and gets results.

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Rapid business growth

In start-ups and growing businesses, bad hires can be costly. Learn how to articulate the values and behaviours you need to the team you recruit.

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Stuck, but don’t know why

Sometimes, cultures can simply get stuck. Are the values of your team members in alignment?

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Generational engagement

Most elite teams have a spread of youth and experience. Empowering senior leaders to mentor millennials will keep them invested in your culture.

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Leadership development

Are you coaching your A-grade ‘players’ to become great leaders? Rewarding individual brilliance with a promotion to leadership is wise – but it doesn’t guarantee performance.

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Unwell or
over-stressed staff

Wellness and mental health are known to play a key role in performance and attendance. Are members of your team struggling to cope?

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It's time to get results

Performance by Design is a unique system that is tailored specifically for every company we work with.
Talk to us today about your core challenges and we will find a solution for you and your team.

A system for continual improvement

Performance by Design is an integrated system which focuses on alignment, performance dialogue, psychometric profiling, accountability and recognition systems and wellness. These are the foundations of every high performance organisation, and we can instil them in your team.

Designed for your team’s structure and needs

Team dynamics and individual wellness are inseparable. We understand the makeup of every group is unique, and offer mindfulness and meditation sessions to create happier workplaces that foster success.

Creating success through aligned behaviours

Habits are what drive high performance culture. When exposed, they are also the weakness of most under-performing organisations.

With Performance by Design, you have a way to reinforce the habits expected of an elite organisation. Your team will be supported by a Performance by Design Culture Architect, Performance by Design Coach and your online learning portal to participate in high-impact feedback sessions that rebuild team dynamics. Participants learn the same techniques used by professional sports teams to achieve the ultimate success.

Created by the partnership team, the Performance by Design system forges positive habits, stronger working relationships and personal growth.