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Virtual Meeting Training

While virtual meetings have always been a part of office culture for quite some time now, in post-COVID, it will quickly become the new norm. For teams or businesses who may not be used to this sort of interaction, finding ways to help your team adapt to this new challenge is crucial.
While Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts and other host platforms are easy to use after light training - technology is just the beginning. Finding ways to create compelling visuals and facilitate interaction are instrumental for successful meetings - and when you go virtual, it’s even more important to nail this.

Stop winging your virtual meetings

Instead of jumping into meetings with your team after little preparation, prioritise the way you address proposals, interviews and strategy meetings. Conducting ineffective and unproductive virtual meetings can have a long-term negative impact on the performance of your team and your organization.

Improve the quality and productivity of your virtual meetings

Our step-by-step approach to virtual meeting training can save you time, deliver faster results and improve the onboarding process for new team members and virtual meeting tools.

We’ll walk your team through:

  • Introducing tools that allow your team to effectively conduct virtual meetings.
  • Teaching team members tactics for creating compelling visuals that can be used for a seamless virtual delivery.
  • Facilitating engagement and interaction through online tools.
  • Creating the necessary structures to enable meeting flow and for every team member to be heard.
  • How to manage the challenges that come with collaboration and decision making - especially in a virtual setting.
  • Defining guidelines and boundaries that allow your team to self-manage.
  • Making your best impression on video, from practical tips to exercises that can help to improve the way you sound, look and carry yourself on camera.

What makes an effective virtual meeting?

Running an effective meeting online requires a completely different approach to face-to-face conversations. Keeping the following strategies in mind throughout the team training, our Performance Designers can help your organization conduct video calls like a pro.

Choosing the right technology

Finding a suitable platform for all parties is the first step in a successful meeting. It’s also important to consider that the platform you choose for a quick check-in may be different than one for a brainstorming or strategy session. Keep in mind that you’ll want to make sure all attendees have access to the platform and can easily sign on to avoid any delays.

Working on facilitating skills

A virtual meeting is only as good as it’s facilitator. Our Performance Designers can work with your team to get all members feeling comfortable presenting in front of the camera. The way a meeting is conducted will also depend on the participants. We can help walk your team through different scenarios so they're ready for any kind of virtual meeting in the future.

Virtual communication techniques

There’s nothing more frustrating than attending a virtual meeting delayed by constant technical difficulties. Troubleshooting beforehand can help to ensure the meeting stays on track and isn’t deferred by technological disruptions. Our Performance Designers can also teach your team how to effortlessly adapt to potential issues online without disrupting the flow of a meeting.

Guiding the behaviour of attendees

One of the biggest challenges in facilitating a meeting is getting participants involved, but also ensuring that you stay on track and avoid derailing the meeting. This skill can take time to perfect, which is why our Performance Designers can work with your team members to discover the signs a meeting may be misguided and ways they can quickly regain control.