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Turn-around poor performance by addressing its root causes.
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Dropping profitability could be a sign of poor team dynamics. The good news is that help is available - if you're prepared to take decisive action.

Do you have a performance gap?

Profitability can dip for any number of reasons. But if there are no major shifts in the market or changes to your personnel, chances are what you have is a performance gap - an output issue where the team you have in place is meeting its own expectations but not those of the business heads.

Performance gaps are most common in centralised organisations where teams are left to function independently. Without clear leadership from the CEO, CFO or owner, teams can become silo’s - evolving their own expectations from within and drifting away from corporate objectives.

Closing the gap

Performance by Design is a tailored culture-building system with origins in the world of professional sports.

After leading your management team in an open conversation around current output, a Performance by Design Architect will deliver a no-nonsense assessment of where your team is at and the causes of your performance gap.

Exactly what follows will depend on your specific challenges. Performance by Design will involve your entire team in regular sessions that rebuild team dynamics and break down silos. With the support of your off-site Culture Coach and the Performance by Design Institute, new habits and essential communication skills will be learned.

These sessions can at first be challenging, as they are meant to be. For the first time your team will be giving and receiving honest feedback on each others' performance. This is how champion teams are designed. Your PBD Architect will support the team every step of the way, ensuring that all communication is constructive and drives outcomes.

Graduates of Performance by Design are demonstrably better at self-management and working as part of a cohesive unit.

Turning the corner

If you're ready to turn around poor performance, it's time to talk to Performance by Design.

With a proven a system developed by leaders from the professional sports and business worlds, your under-performing team can rebuild it's identity with clarity of purpose, values and agreed behaviours. These are the fundamentals of high performance culture.

It's time to get results.