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Rapid Business Growth

Overcome the growing pains of entrepreneurship and start-up culture.
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In start-ups and growing businesses, bad hires can be costly. Learn how to articulate the values and behaviours you need to the team you recruit.

The future of your company depends on how you will define its culture. It's time to make a stand.

Rapid business growth problems

Is your business growing rapidly? It’s completely normal to experience growing pains, but how do you effectively deal with these issues without letting them affect the success your organisation has achieved in such a short period of time?

The following are some of the most common growth problems for rapidly growing businesses:

  • Cash flow strain. When your business is growing rapidly, there are constant demands on your financial resources. From purchasing equipment to buying stock, the best way to overcome cash flow strain is to put the right structures in place.
  • Conflicting brand identity. Experiencing a brand identity crisis? Calling on an experienced head that can help you steer the ship will go a long way.
  • People pressure. If you're starting to feel a strain on human resources, you run the risk of over-stressed staff, managing underperformance, and a higher turnover rate. It’s important to remember that people are your biggest asset and to consider expanding your resources to cope with the extra demand.
  • Poor customer service. If customer demand isn’t matching up with the rapid growth you’re experiencing, what may have once been one of your greatest strengths can quickly become a weakness. Make sure you're prioritising customer service, or you’ll start to lose trust from the brand warriors that have been backing you from the beginning.
  • Gaps in leadership. As your business grows, leadership becomes more complex, and understanding different markets and customer segments become a more crucial component of growing your business. Having access to some of the brightest minds and most established leaders in the world can equip your organisation with the knowledge needed to push through the challenges that come with growth and expansion.

Developing a rapid business growth strategy

If you’re thriving and hitting targets quicker than you anticipated, but still struggling to deal with rapid business growth, we’re here to help. Performance by Design can work with your team to create the framework needed to tackle these setbacks and set you up for expansion in the future.