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Tailored programs for individuals and teams that match your performance challenges. Due to COVID-19 we have adjusted our offerings to support teams in person and virtually. Check out our program offerings below.

Team training

Internal disconnection is a real threat to the survival of your organization. Not knowing if your team members are all moving in the same direction and are clear on their role and expectations of each other, can have you lose trust, confidence and connection with your team/s. Connected individuals build high performing cultures.
Because every team is unique, Performance by Design adapts to suit all personalities and all situations. We use the Real Talk data generated at each training session (whether in person or virtual) to implement specific structures that lead to continual improvement. This highly tailored approach is how we are able to deliver sustained business impact.

Don’t take the chance on your culture by:

  • Designing your very own Culture Code with clear team behaviours that helps all members understand what to reward and challenge of each other
  • Training and practicing Real Talk – the skill and ability to give and receive feedback that has a positive impact on performance, especially under pressure
  • Creating and integrating an accountability and recognition system in order to enable you, the business leader, to work on higher level organisational goals as your team learns to take ownership and support each other

Program offerings:

  • Single sessions (half and full days)
  • 3-month Culture Code implementation program
  • 12-month Culture Code integration program
  • Monthly retainer options for 24/7 support
  • Combine 1:1 coaching for best value

Team training programs are tailored for:

  • Teams of any size and at any level

1 on 1 coaching

It's not your job as a leader to provide all the solutions and answers, especially through challenging times. Your job is to remain calm and positive through adversity and create a level of safety and security for your team/s to perform.

Don’t take the chance on your leadership effectiveness by:

  • Creating your own personal code and professional identity in order to make strong, values-based decisions
  • Learning how to conduct difficult, honest and compassionate conversations to maintain safety and confidence for your team
  • Understanding yourself and others at a deeper level in order to communicate with influence and identify leader potential team members
  • Implementing best practices to your remote team connected, productive and positive
  • Developing empowerment skills to enable your team/s to take ownership, especially under pressure

1 on 1 coaching programs are tailored for:

  • C Suite leaders
  • Existing managers and leaders of teams/people
  • High potential / Emerging leaders

Virtual meeting training

There is little to no time to conduct ineffective and unproductive virtual meetings right now. The threat of disconnection and a drop-in morale can, and will, have a long-term impact on the performance of your team/s.

Don’t take chance on your virtual meetings by:

  • Creating the required structures to enable meeting flow and for every team member’s voice to be heard
  • Learning how to manage the unique challenges of collaboration and decision making
  • Defining boundaries and guidelines that your team buys into and self-manage.

Don’t take chance on your virtual meetings by:

  • Existing managers and leaders of teams/people