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The Keys to Successful Leadership

Ongoing organisational success has many contributing elements – but perhaps the most important is effective leadership. Understanding the key elements of good leadership is essential, and it will pay dividends to familiarise or remind yourself regularly.

Two key attributes of a successful leadership strategy stand out above the rest – communication and empowerment. Quality communication is the cornerstone of any effective mode of leadership. Importantly, quality patterns of communication aren’t innate. They’re the product of practise and a willingness to be open and clear about what you want from your teams. Even the greatest leaders have had to make conscious efforts to develop their communication skills – so don’t worry if you aren’t there yet.


Empower your people and lead them to success

Empowerment is the second key feature of a successful leadership strategy. Overbearing and distrustful leaders tend to get in the way of collective efforts in ways that can affect basic productivity, and negatively affect the culture of your organisation. By contrast, the most effective leaders are those that recognise the unique attributes and strengths of their employees, and empower them to make the most of these strengths. With a clearly communicated vision, and a mode of leadership that extracts the best from your teams, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your organisational goals.

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