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On this page you'll find  all the latest news and culture tips as Performance by Design continues to drive change within organisations globally.
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Breaking down silos In your organisation to improve performance

Siloed teams tend not to communicate with other departments, putting a complete halt on any hopes of collaboration.

To build new habits, get comfortable failing

Resolutions don’t often produce long term change because we don't give any thought to what it would require.

James Clear on Atomic Habits

The key principles talk of building a system to support you. We do not rise to the level of our goals but fall to the level of our systems.

The 3 barriers to organisational change and how you can demolish them

Whether you’re a legacy business or a brand new start-up, change is inevitable. It’s an important element of scaling and optimising workflow and operations.

The 6 biggest lessons about work from 2021

This article from the BBC reviews the 6 Biggest Lessons about work from 2021.

Impact players

Impact players are people who do the job that needs to be done, look to step up and lead, and attempt to minimise change by constantly learning and adapting.

Confident businesswoman tapping male colleague on shoulder at coffee break
How to improve communication at work and boost team performance

Teams who are lacking in communication skills, tend to perform more poorly than teams who communicate seamlessly.

Practical tips to build a high performing team

If your business is looking to reach new heights, then you are going to need a high performance team to back you up.

Learn how to effectively respond to feedback

Feedback can be positive, letting us know that we are doing something well, or it can take the form of constructive criticism, informing us of things that we could be doing a little better.

A meeting makeover

This podcast from Brene Brown with Priya Parker discusses how coming out of the pandemic is a great time of reset for leaders and organisations

The great resignation

The unrelenting pressure on already burnt out and psychologically damaged workers has prompted a phenomenon called "The Great Resignation"

High performing teams are the secret to success

Performance measurement is a process that all businesses undertake in some way or another. However, organisations tend to underestimate its contribution to achieving strategic success as well as correctly take action from what the results show.