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Leadership Development

Overcome the challenges of an inexperienced leadership group.
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Are you coaching your A-grade 'players' to become great leaders? Rewarding individual brilliance with a promotion to leadership is wise - but it doesn't guarantee performance. This is where leadership development companies can lend a hand, whether your company is based in Australia or beyond.

Great leaders are made, not born. To achieve greater output, you need to mould your highest performing 'players' into quality team leaders.

Building a high performing team

Have you been tasked with revolutionising your workplace culture? It might be easier said than done and now you’re wondering, what now?

HR and operation managers sign on to be resource managers but are often thrown in the deep end and forced to find ways to get different generations to adapt and work together.

Culture is built on respect and agreed on values, but without a framework and proven methodology, you’ll be facing an uphill battle to break down barriers that have been building up for years - but all you really need is commitment.

High-performance teams only exist when the whole team buys in and agrees to new standards - and with Performance by Design, you can make that happen.

Our leadership development coaching is unmatched

Unlock high performance with coaching designed to provide leaders with the skills and tools needed to enhance performance, manage productivity and encourage a positive workplace culture.

At Performance by Design, we work with clients to motivate leaders and implement positive interventions to lead by example with a positive and optimistic attitude. We can help you:

  • Recognise strengths and faults within your team
  • Better understand the needs of your team and develop ways to meet these
  • Engage with peers to improve organisational agendas in addition to professional growth
  • Embrace learning opportunities and challenges as a leader
  • Build out roadmaps to clearly define what success looks like within your team and set goals to get you back on track
  • Empower your team every step of the way

From Melbourne to New York, we help teams manage underperformance and other common issues within teams that can affect the way your business operates. Instead of leaving your culture to chance, embrace the responsibility that comes with being a leader and develop your leadership skills with 1 on 1 coaching.