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Generational Workplace Engagement

Build cohesion between senior staff, millennials and new recruits.
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Most elite teams have a spread of youth and experience. Empowering senior leaders to mentor millennials will keep them invested in your culture.

High performance teams are made of individuals that motivate each other, freeing managers and executives to focus on high-impact strategic decisions.

Dealing with different generations and values in the workplace

Are you struggling with a dysfunctional team? From generational differences to personality crashes, there is a range of reasons why this may be the case. But in order to overcome these frustrating, but sometimes inevitable setbacks, you have to use your voice as a leader to get people back on track.

Employee engagement is measured by the enthusiasm and connection employees have with the organisation they work for. However, with Millennials and Generation Z entering the workforce, there is a mix of generations and with a blend of generations comes different perspectives and different levels of engagement.

In order to build a framework for ultimate success, implementing a two-way feedback model is crucial. Building a high-performance culture relies heavily on individual growth and without providing your team with valuable, actionable feedback, it’s impossible for them to develop their skills and find ways to better the organisation.

How to give your team constructive feedback

Figuring out how to give constructive feedback is a crucial part of becoming a successful leader. By letting your team members know how they’re performing, what’s expected of them and understand how you can help them with their learning and development, you can effectively manage issues and shortcomings.

Consider the following approaches:

  • Be specific and solution-focused
  • Keep it professional, not personal
  • Be timely and give feedback before it’s too late
  • Be consistent in feedback and distinguish the person from their actions
  • Make the conversation a face-to-face one if possible
  • Observe don’t interpret
  • Balance the negative with the positive

Improve engagement in the workplace

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around improving engagement in the workplace as a leader, Performance by Design can help you develop a solution and systems that will improve and empower the culture within your organisation.

Through team culture building and training you can develop a framework that can help you establish a motivated and effective team that will deliver on your organisation's vision and goals.