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You have empowered your team, now what?

Great leaders are influential in empowering their teams to make decisions. With values and clearly defined behaviors, a culture code framework will allow your team to make game-changing decisions without guidance.

But once you’ve empowered your team to go that extra mile, what do you focus on? As a leader, you should influence your team but never take away the ability of your team to make decisions on their own.

What does an empowering leader look like?

We asked teams what an empowering leader looks like, here’s what they said:

So, now what?

If you’re confident that you’ve empowered your team, here’s where you should refocus your energy to continue developing your leadership skills.

Build a system of accountability and recognition

It’s important that you hold team members accountable for mistakes or mess-ups, while also giving praise where praise is due. By addressing these issues or milestones head-on, you can ensure you are still empowering your team to smash their goals.

Elicit client feedback and share success stories throughout your organisation

Client feedback is crucial because it highlights how your organisation is perceived by others. By setting up NPS targets and encouraging customers and clients to provide feedback on their experience, you can continue to empower your team to achieve the best possible results.

Continuously challenge your own role.

As a leader, you must continue to not only challenge and support your team but also yourself. If you want to improve your leadership skills, look internally and address the following: