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The Culture Code System — Sports Team Edition

Paul Roos needs no introduction for the millions of Australians who follow AFL – a legendary career saw Paul achieve success as both a player and coach. Gerard Murphy has been instrumental in his work in transforming international sporting clubs across many codes to title winning success.


The Culture Code System — Sports Team Edition is an online training program designed by the Performance by Design team to help leaders of sporting clubs set the framework for success on and off the field. The program has taken into consideration many years of experience across a variety of sporting codes. The online program facilitates the creation of a clubs very own culture code (the combination of your team values and best behaviours) and enables clubs to engage in “Real Talk” (the skill and ability to give and receive feedback that has a positive impact on performance). A well defined culture code will play a big role in all aspects of a club as it provides the foundation for all conversations about performance and is the reference point for all decisions and actions moving forward (especially the tough decisions).


To discuss whether this program is right for you, please reach out to the team at today.