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What Behaviours Define You as a Leader?

High performance work cultures demand a great deal from their leaders. At Performance by Design, we put a lot of work into helping individuals define their mode of leadership and believe that strong leadership has some key principles that extend on throughout styles and modes of leadership.

What does it mean to lead by example?

Key to it all is the efforts you make to lead by example. By that, we mean that a good leader exhibits the sorts of characteristics they want to see out of their team and their workplace culture. Good leaders need to be those who deliver on their word, know their field, and work hard. But further than that, we’ve found that good leaders tend to be comfortable and competent in:

Why challenging times are so important

Each of these behaviours are important, but perhaps the most difficult aspect of all is consistency. It simply isn’t easy to turn up every day and perform the way you should – and this can be made all the harder when times get challenging.

Challenging circumstances bring about what we call ‘threshold moments’ – points at which you as a leader have the opportunity that you’re someone that your team can rely on to deliver. In this way and more, you can define your mode of leadership, and give your team something to rally around when times get tough.

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