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On this page you'll find  all the latest news and culture tips as Performance by Design continues to drive change within organisations globally.
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Brené with Adam Grant and Simon Sinek on What’s Happening at Work

What’s happening in the workplace right now? Adam Grant and Simon Sinek talk about what we are seeing in organizations across the world—and there are some clear trends that emerge. (A two-part discussion)

State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report

Gallup: State of the Global Workplace - 2023 Report. Learn why globally, over half of employees expressed some level of intent to leave their job.

5 Key Characteristics Of High Performing Teams

This concise Forbes articles explains the 5 core characteristics of high performing teams. Consider sharing it with your team.

Brené and Barrett on Building Brave Spaces

Brené Brown and Guillen Barrett explore what gets in the way of people showing up, what gets in the way of doing the work, and how judgment is the primary killer of these spaces.

Culture trends, Leadership and Feedback – with Paul Roos

Paul Roos, legend of the AFL and Performance by Design Co Founder talks to Candy Hertz about Culture trends, Leadership and Feedback. Paul achieved incredible success across 20 years as both a player and a coach within football. His revolutionary approach to player feedback and recognition being pivotal in the construction of the much-revered ‘Bloods Culture’, this culminated in 2005 when he led

How to Improve Workplace Culture

Your workplace culture is vital to the effectiveness of your business. Building the right culture can help you gain a real competitive advantage in your market and turn your company into one that everyone wants to engage with — from top-quality talent to high-value customers.

State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report

This annual report represents the collective voice of the global employee. In this edition, the pandemic and its aftershock continued to disrupt the workplace. Check out the most recent employee data and workplace trends in the State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report.

The Team Engagement Podcast

This podcast explores 5 questions in 10 minutes. Content is centered around team engagement and leadership principles

6 Things Wise Leaders Do To Engage Their Employees

There's a plethora of materials around engagement, however this Forbes article offers sage advice on team engagement.

How do top athletes get into the zone? By getting uncomfortable

Our Head of Coaching, Adam Lang offered this insightful article to his coachees last week. We think it's worth sharing. Dr. Nicole Detling is a sports psychologist who’s worked with athletes at the very top of their sports. She advises that The Zone can be fleeting so the more effective route is to build the skill of mental resilience into a habit. Put the failures behind us (flush them) and move