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On this page you'll find  all the latest news and culture tips as Performance by Design continues to drive change within organisations globally.
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State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report

This annual report represents the collective voice of the global employee. In this edition, the pandemic and its aftershock continued to disrupt the workplace. Check out the most recent employee data and workplace trends in the State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report.

The Team Engagement Podcast

This podcast explores 5 questions in 10 minutes. Content is centered around team engagement and leadership principles

6 Things Wise Leaders Do To Engage Their Employees

There's a plethora of materials around engagement, however this Forbes article offers sage advice on team engagement.

How do top athletes get into the zone? By getting uncomfortable

Our Head of Coaching, Adam Lang offered this insightful article to his coachees last week. We think it's worth sharing. Dr. Nicole Detling is a sports psychologist who’s worked with athletes at the very top of their sports. She advises that The Zone can be fleeting so the more effective route is to build the skill of mental resilience into a habit. Put the failures behind us (flush them) and move

The Never-Ending Meeting

The 'never-ending meeting'. Pat Lencioni discusses the efficacy of progressive meetings, and why bringing new people into the room is one of the best ways to refine any idea or project

Exploring the future of work with PwC Australia

PWC spoke to leaders about how they’ve risen to the challenge of working from home. In this podcast, they tackle questions on how work is changing, what does it mean for our working lives in the long term, and how can an organisation’s leaders get themselves – and their people – ready.

What were the biggest challenges for leaders in 2023?

‘Keeping Us Up at Night’ is an insightful KPMG article which uncovers the key issues as Australia’s business leaders see them. It’s no surprise that talent acquisition and retention, and culture are high on the list.

Week 33 – 14th December 2022

In the second weeks episode of Culture Couch Live for 2022 we introduce our newest team mate, Chris Olson. Listen to Chris and the PBD team talk about his experience and his first weeks with the Performance by Design team.

Creating a Meaningful Corporate Purpose

Much has been written about corporate purpose, however what it actually is isn’t always well understood. Furthermore, there’s limited literature about how to find corporate purpose. This is terrific article offers ideas about how to approach the development purpose.

The purpose-driven organization

This is an 11 minute interview looks at purpose driven organizations and why it matters and how to link your individual purpose with the organizational purpose. What does it mean to have a purpose-driven organization?