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On this page you'll find  all the latest news and culture tips as Performance by Design continues to drive change within organisations globally.
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How to communicate so that others feel seen

In this episode of Think Smart, Talk Fast, New York Times writer David Brooks and host Matt Abrahams share key skills to foster deeper connections with colleagues.

Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2024

Read the full Gartner report about the cultural connectedness crisis and how to build emotional connection with culture in a hybrid working world.

The Art of Asking Smarter Questions

HBR outline the importance of asking questions of your team to encourage critical thinking rather than jumping straight to providing solutions: a leadership trend more prevalant in the age of AI than before.

Principles for Using AI at Work, with Ethan Mollick

Innovation expert Ethan Mollick shares tips on how to get the most out of AI, such as being the “human in the loop” to catch where it isn’t accurate or helpful.

The generations defined

McCrindle's multi-generaltional research provides a great infographic for each generation and what they're looking for from their leaders.

Differences between the generations and styles of communication

Leadership across generations is hard, but we believe success in cross-generational leadership begins with listening and empathy. This episode focusses on the different styles of communication between different ages.

How to Manage a Multi-Generational Team

To realise the benefits of a generationally diverse workforce, we need to learn how to appreciate our unique preferences, habits, and behaviours.

Employee mental health in 2023

Headspace's report showing employees are feeling an increased sense of dread at work, stemming from uncertainty and unpredictability (mentioned in Culture Couch Live).

How IKEA Evolved Its Strategy While Keeping Its Culture Constant

A great IKEA case study on leading teams through change with a clear and resilient culture code.

How to reduce change resistance in your team

A helpful guide from Insights on reducing change resistance in your team, through the lense of colour personality profiling.

Aligning culture with the bottom line

This report by Heidrick & Struggles unveils their second survey findings of CEOs on how they see a well-crafted corporate culture can significantly impact your bottom line.

Learn about the National Standard – Organizational Culture

This 3 min video is a great illustration of what culture is with examples of what negative and positive cultures could look like.