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On this page you'll find  all the latest news and culture tips as Performance by Design continues to drive change within organisations globally.
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Conversing with team lead about managing stress
How to Monitor Stress Levels in the Workplace

Gain insight into how you can generate the ability to recognise, monitor and deal with the effects of stress in the workplace with Performance by Design.

Fatigued worker in the workplace
What is Workplace Fatigue?

Learn to recognise and account for the risks that fatigue and burnout pose to your organisation. Build a fatigue management plan with Performance by Design.

Millennial leader speaking with team
What is Situational Leadership?

Want to learn more about Situational Leadership? Read our primer on Situational Leadership and how it can be used to foster a high performance culture.

Crossed hands behind jenga blocks
Managing Change in the Workplace

Organisations of all shapes and sizes will experience a need for change. Get a look into how we encourage our client organisations to tackle change head on.

High Performance Teams
How to Build a High Performing Team?

High performance is starting to become a buzzword, and while teams across the globe are striving to achieve this — what defines a high performing team? And how do you build one?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing

If we define culture as "the behaviour that is acceptable within the team", we can begin to understand the decline in the SAS culture as outlined in the recently released Brereton report.

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You have empowered your team, now what?

Great leaders are influential in empowering their team to make decisions. With values and clearly defined behaviors, the culture code framework will allow your team to make decisions without guidance. A leader should not take away the ability for the team to make decisions themselves. Get out of their way.

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The evolving expectations of leaders

As a leader you should understand what people expect of you. Manage those expectations. Leaders rarely understand this. Your growth as a leader matters. There is a direct correlation of your personal growth internally to the growth and success of your company.

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The performance pendulum

A common question that comes up from leaders is "in what situations do I provide support to my team vs challenge them?". This is when we refer to the performance pendulum. Culture can work for you or against you in tough times, it all depends on how you approach each situation.

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Creating safety through uncertainty

With the change in way we have to work, we are having to setup systems and structures like we never have before. As leaders our role is to create an environment for others to perform, all the while when you are not feeling that well yourself. Creating safety during uncertainty, is key to team success.

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Your behaviors under pressure will define you as a leader

Never has there been a time when pressure is higher. This is a time where see where yourself and others stand in terms of what is important. Do you do whats best for the team or for yourself.

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Trust is built through being open and honest in your communications

Psychological safety comes from being open and honest. When we talk about being honest its also important to articulate what your mean when you say certain things. Use examples.