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On this page you'll find  all the latest news and culture tips as Performance by Design continues to drive change within organisations globally.
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Enable your A-players to become great leaders

One way to enable your A-players to become great leaders is to implement a leadership development plan.

Do you find yourself thinking you are not speaking the same language as the younger generation?

A common response from today's leaders when they speak of their younger generation is "I just don't seem to speak their language". That's because they are not.

The energy you give off, is the energy you get back

The performance of your team directly correlates to the strength of the relationships. Strength of relationships are built upon the depth of the conversations.

The right structure can set you free

For decisions to flow quickly, productivity to be high, collaboration to be fluent, dialogue to flow powerfully, there has to be alignment and trust.

Providing feedback is a learned skill, therefore it can be practiced

The faster any team can work their way through a challenge, the faster they can jump onto the next one.

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Cross department relationships are important to overall company success

While internal team dynamics are the most important factor to get right first. Cross department relationships should not be neglected.

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High performance is about team outcomes not individual outcomes

This week we discuss how some people think high performance is when a player/team member is delivering really good results. It is, but when its to the detriment of the team then its not.

Does culture really eat strategy for breakfast?

In our workshops with teams, we often refer to speed through adversity as being one of the top 3 determinants to corporate success.

The player-coach syndrome

Coaching is not barking orders and solving problems for your team members. Coaching is asking great questions so they come up with the solutions.

So you’ve got company values. Now what?

Most teams struggle to operationalise the behaviours which makes their culture code worthless.

Building a high-performing culture is only many painful conversations away

Here we discuss how sharing your pain & struggles (aka. being vulnerable) has huge human connection benefits inside of a team environment (when delivered and accepted correctly).

‘One team concept’ helps score corporate goals’

In his latest article, Paul Roos looks at ways for organisations to break down information silos and work together as a single team.