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Trust is built through being open and honest in your communications

Being a leader can be exhausting. And while you wear many hats, one of the most important parts of being a leader is building trust within your team, and that can’t happen without open and honest communication in the workplace.

But how do you ensure this? And what does open and honest communication impact if it’s done properly? 

Honest communication in the workplace impacts engagement

Key drivers of engagement include:

Simply applying a regular cadence of communication and being honest builds trust. Psychological safety in the workplace comes from being open and honest, but when we talk about being honest it really boils down to articulating what you mean when you say certain things, such as providing feedback or making a game-changing decision that may affect the way people work. Try using examples and be as specific as possible. Hiding information can create more anxiety and animosity, so if you’re not sure if you should say it, then it’s probably best you avoid saying it.

If your staff doesn’t trust you and vice versa, then it can be really tough to build that trust within your team, so starting from the ground up is the most effective way to build commitment and trust.

Company leaders need to practice good communication techniques

As a leader, it’s really important to provide clear and confident communication to drive engagement across all departments. Speak to your team about progress, career development, and ultimately, create a foundation for trust. 

Also, consider communicating an inspiring vision. By embodying your vision for the business in everything you do, you can further motivate your team to do better while at the same time cementing confidence in your business. 

As a leader, it really is impossible to over-communicate and direction. Communication is more than just driving the point home, it’s about driving engagement and a focused and strategic message.