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The importance of trust

The entire PBD system has been designed to consistently build trust. Through all of the exercises completed here in the PBD institute, and within your business operations, there are multiple opportunities for you to show to your teammates that you have the competency (ability) to do your job, and the necessary character to deliver on your word and behave in a way that is best for the team (over what you would prefer to do).

We always leverage your team’s culture code as a framework by which to operate at all times within your organization / team. The more you do, the more trust you will build with your team mates.

The trust bank account

We love this analogy! Just like any bank account, we sometimes deposit dollars and sometimes we withdraw. Because we are human, we know we will make mistakes (make a withdrawal from the trust bank). The PBD system and institute is designed to systematically make trust deposits on a consistent basis. The PBD accountability and recognition system will ensure that you and your team mates systematically make trust deposits on a consistent basis.

Playing your role

In a high performing culture everyone trusts each other to do their job. Any workplace becomes increasingly more powerful and high performing when every player fundamentally understands that by simply playing their role, the team will organically improve.