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The Importance of Giving and Receiving Feedback in the Right Environment and Its Positive Impact on Performance

What framework have you created for your team to enable open and honest dialogue as a means to challenge each other and achieve new business results?

As a leader or manager, there are many ways that you can support and improve your team’s performance. One of the underestimated processes in developing a high performing team is giving constructive feedback in the workplace. While there are formal performance reviews that take place a couple of times a year, feedback should be a higher priority and occur on a more regular basis. 

The process of giving and receiving feedback in the workplace can be intimidating both for the giver and receiver. No one likes hearing negative criticisms, but implementing feedback culture is not only vital in boosting team growth and performance but on a personal level.

Here are the benefits of giving constructive feedback in the workplace. 

Strengthens relationships

Providing feedback in the workplace allows for team members to be honest and get everything out in the open, clearing tension or conflict. When done correctly and with the right intentions, giving feedback also fosters trust, shows support and encourages closeness among team members and leaders.

Increases employee engagement

When leaders and team members are able to give feedback, it shows they care and allows for more meaningful interactions in the workplace. While some individuals have more conservative mindsets and may not be receptive to feedback, it is something they should learn to accept and will help them to grow and improve. Feedback culture should be encouraged in every workplace. 

Improves performance, encourages change and growth

When given properly, feedback can also show people how they are perceived by others and sometimes presents them with things they may not realise they are doing. Many people want to improve themselves so most of them will take constructive criticism well. 


Some other important things to remember when giving constructive and meaningful feedback are: 

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