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The evolving expectations of leaders

As a leader, you may be feeling lonely, tired, frustrated with little recognition. This is the challenge of leadership. It’s a challenging job. But by learning to cope with the expectations that come with the job and addressing those expectations with confidence can better prepare you for the challenges that come with being a leader.

Understanding what’s expected of you

As a leader, you should understand what people expect of you. This requires you to ask the hard question to your team, “What do you expect from me?”. If you aren’t addressing your team’s concerns and expectations and instead focussing on what you want from them, it will be incredibly hard to improve the way you lead.

Some things your team may expect are:

Once you have a handle on what’s expected of you from your team, it’s time to manage those expectations. Leaders rarely understand this. Your growth as a leader matters and there is a direct correlation of your personal growth internally to the growth and success of your company.

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