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The Importance of the Competition Complex and How It Can Improve Performance

When it comes to an effective team, it is without a doubt that collaboration is the fundamental driving force behind success. However, what’s often overlooked as another significant contributor to functional teams, is the presence of healthy internal competition. The competition complex, when properly implemented in a team environment, can be just as motivating, purposeful and beneficial as collaboration. At first, you may think that it is contradictory, but let’s delve deeper into its effect. As it can bring risks, the competition complex might not be the solution for all organisations. When encouraged in the right team, it can be powerful and transformative to performance. 


Benefits of encouraging healthy team competition

So, what does competition bring to the table that collaboration alone doesn’t? Here are several benefits of promoting healthy competition among your team members:


The 4 C’s of building a high performance team 

In professional sports, there are 4 C’s that help build a high performing team culture. Applicable in a range of settings, this concept can also be used to build a high performing corporate culture. It is evident that competition is equally contributive to high performance as supporting one another, driving your own growth and having the overall team’s interests at heart.


Ways to bring about and maintain healthy internal competition

Implementing healthy internal competition in your team is not just a one-off process, it is a value that you will need to nurture and manage over time. Here are some ways you can begin to create healthy team competition in your organisation: 

  1. Encourage debates, openness in communication and sharing of opinions.
  2. Compete for specific, measurable and realistic goals.
  3. Implement competition on an interval basis to avoid loss of momentum. 
  4. Manage competition closely so it doesn’t get out of hand.
  5. Value the process and learning that comes from competition.
  6. Find fun and friendly opportunities for competition. 
  7. Recognise the winners but don’t dishearten others. 
  8. Create competition amongst individuals and teams 
  9. Set rules and standards for the competition.


What to keep in mind about the competition complex

Have you set up your team to promote healthy internal competition? If your team building focus has always been on collaboration, you might want to rethink your strategy and try something new.


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