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Leadership Coaching

“Be the leader you wish you had.” - Simon Sinek –

Leadership Coaching

Every top athlete has a coach. For individuals and teams, coaches are expected to maximise performance, yet only recently has coaching gained traction in the corporate sector. Effective coaching can improve performance exponentially as an executive, just as it can for sportspeople. The Performance by Design Real Coaching program helps high performers become the leader they wish they had.

Executive Coaching helps people to identify their professional goals, align them with their personal goals, enhance strengths, support weaknesses, and build self-awareness to effectively lead others. It may come as no surprise that 25 to 40% of Fortune 500 companies utilise executive coaches, according to Hay Group research.

Performance by Design blends critical insights and learnings from over 200 years in combined expertise in sport and business to support the growth of functional performance into executive leadership. Real Coaching brings new insight, improves communication, and delivers greater decision-making empowerment in all situations especially under pressure, resulting in enhanced performance. Continuous professional growth is imperative to maintain your own and therefore your team’s engagement and career satisfaction. We have a strong focus on leadership and trust, coaching you on the key elements of being a role model leader.

Our Real Coaching program is an outcome-focused consultation to help executives take the chance out of their leadership. The Performance by Design Real Coaching program is designed to assist participants to lead a culture that is underpinned by psychological safety where every member of the team feels safe to express their view, honestly and candidly to achieve high performance.

Insights Discovery Profiling

“Leadership is the art of getting or inspiring people to want to do what must be done.” - Jim Collins

Highly self-aware leaders are seen as more effective than those who have poor self-awareness. Performance by Design uses Insights Discovery Profiling to raise the level of self-awareness for leaders and identify and apply sustainable communication strategies that will build stronger relationships. By addressing self-awareness first, we help leaders to see themselves more clearly, where they are thriving, where they are challenged and where they are just adequate.

Real Coaching is a personalised coaching program that addresses the requirements of your role within the context of the team. We provide systems and models for you to implement suited to your leadership style and team’s situation.

We customise the Real Coaching program for every individual and can also offer group coaching options. The 12-month program establishes an individual Personal Leadership Development Plan. Monthly goals are agreed with ongoing quarterly reviews to enable measurable progression and identify blockages or blind spots.

A Word From Our Coaches

Coaches Profiles

Paul has a strong heritage as an elite sportsperson in Australia and is recognised as an ultimate AFL winning Coach. He brings over 40 years of learnings in sporting environments to his coaching sessions with Performance by Design. Leadership principles are simple, but being a great leader is complex. Paul has an innate ability to make the complex simple and encourage people to focus on the core problem at hand – he understands that it is essential for leaders consistently refer to the organisation’s values and behaviours. Paul believes that every person either acts their way into a system or acts their way out of a system. He provides world class coaching to individuals at every level of their career, identifying blockages and providing effective guidance on the management of difficult situations within the workplace.
Adam – Adam has over three decades of professional experience leading teams and companies across different industries, companies, and business cycles. He enables coachees to make the transition from succeeding as a subject matter expert to effectively leading teams. Starting with self-awareness, Adam sets your personal and professional goals, decides on the values and behaviours that enable success, and builds these into work practices. This is measured that in quarterly cycles to ensure that individuals are constantly refining, rewarding, and achieving their goals to keep growing.
Karly – Karly has experience in senior roles at organisations for over 20 years and understands that small shifts can create a big impact for leaders and their teams. Her personal experience with her own executive coach throughout her career has also shown her the value of seeking a new perspective on her leadership – coaching enables one to identify central themes in their leadership and consider ways to address the issues. Karly leads with empathy and can quickly connect with people and understand their needs. She also has a passion for delivering on our PBD value of ‘real’, to enable her to challenge leaders and ensure they are accountable to their actions.
Gerard - When asked to describe himself as a coach, Gerard uses the words “experienced, honest, and passionate”. He has coached and mentored individuals for decades both within the corporate sector and in various sporting organisations. His experience spans elite players, coaches, and football departments. Gerard believes that the best foundation for effective coaching is to build a strong relationship. This is imperative for trust to be developed which is done through listening and demonstrating patience. This allows coachees the space to reflect and develop their thoughts so that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.
Melina – With decades of experience leading award-winning teams in the media and sales sphere, Melina understands importance of perpetual self-growth, and knows the value of accelerating the rate of learning faster than the opposition. Her coaching and leadership practise has self-awareness and feedback at its core. She enables leaders to deeply understand their team’s needs so they can build highly effective working relationships and unlock high performance. Melina empowers coachees to lead with simplicity and clarity. She uncovers their potential blind spots and engenders empowerment and authenticity.

Pricing Guide

Performance by Design are experts at developing leaders through a 1:1 step process from goal definition to understanding the most important priorities that have to be achieved. We offer 1:1 or group coaching for C suite leaders, existing managers, and leaders of teams/people as well as high potential / emerging leaders. Coaching can be in person, or virtual, with fortnightly or monthly cadence.

Coaching services start at $500 per session and varies according to the level of responsibility and level of coaching required. 6–12-month coaching programs can be tailored for individuals, groups, and organisations, depending on their needs.

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