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Personality Profiling

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Personality profiling  

Personality profiling has been used for decades in recruitment, staff appraisals, and team coaching and development. This useful tool can help leaders gain insights on how your staff prefers to work, learn, and interact with other team members, clients, and customers.

The main objectives

By using the information gathered, you can focus on creating a work environment that supports their working style, learning preferences, and personality. As a business owner, this tool can help you make decisions on project assignments, hiring, promotions, and personal development.

At Performance by Design, we can help your team drive performance through a thorough behavioural profiling test and team training that can help:

  • Increase levels of self-awareness in the workplace
  • Recognise and value the gifts that different individuals bring to the team
  • Understand the impact that an individual’s behaviour has on others and the different styles and behaviours that create the dynamics within a team
  • Identify and apply effective communication strategies that will help the individual build stronger relationships – creating a common language to use as a framework for their interactions
  • Take collective and individual responsibility for personal development

The steps to personal effectiveness

In order to be effective at work, there are four steps employees must take to remain productive. Below are considered the ingredients to success at work, and the steps you should take to achieve effectiveness in your career.

1. Understand Self

It starts with exploring and discovering yourself. What makes you tick? When are you most productive? How do you get through a long day of tasks? Answering all these questions and understanding how you work in a range of environments helps you to remain effective.

2. Understand Others

Learning how to adapt your behaviour to interact more effectively with others is crucial. How do you conduct yourself in meetings? How do you present yourself to your manager? If there’s conflict in the office, what do you do to develop a resolution?

3. Adapt and Connect: Develop Usable Interpersonal Strategies

In a diverse workforce, it’s important to recognise and learn how to appreciate others' differences. Finding ways to construct solutions that benefit both parties and ensuring that you’re respecting everyone’s perspectives can lead to more success in the workplace.

4. Take Action

Once you have developed an understanding of yourself, your colleagues, and their points-of-view, it’s time to put your learnings into practice, implement your findings and discover how you can become more effective in the workplace.

The Four Discovery Colour Energies

At Performance by Design, we use a discovery tool to divide four colour energies to describe your personality. The fiery red, sunshine yellow, cool blue and earth green provide detailed descriptions on each personality which can be divided into introversion vs. extraversion and thinking vs feeling.

We determine your colour through a series of questions that help the team better understand how you operate in a professional environment. We then analyse how your personality reacts on a good day, and a bad day, and help you to approach and deal with issues and projects based on your personality.