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Insights Discovery

Insights that empower individuals to embrace their capabilities

Performance by Design is an official partner of Insights Discovery.

Inspired by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, Insights Discovery’s revolutionary psychometric tool has changed how businesses support and upskill their employees. This tool has been officially registered with the British Psychological Society for Occupational Development. It has been used by over 6 million people all over the world from leading organisations to draw valuable insights on a personal level.

How Insights Discovery can benefit your organisation?

Insights Discovery aims to help all kinds of individuals - employees, managers, and organisations, find out their strengths, areas of development, and how they add value to their team. This programme assists in:

  • Enhancing relationships
  • Nurturing leadership abilities
  • Empowering individuals to overcome challenges
  • Boosting sales effectiveness
  • Recognising your communication style
  • Building and managing high-performance teams
  • Becoming more resilient in demanding situations
  • Creating the best work environment to support your individual needs
Self-awareness and understanding are the first steps to transforming the way one contributes to a business and we’re here to give you the tools for discovery. Set your business up for success by beginning your Insights Discovery journey.

Your Insights Discovery profile

Your journey of self-discovery starts with completing your Insights Discovery personal profile which provides the insights you need to help you at any stage in your career. The Foundation Chapter focuses on how to reach optimal efficacy, challenge existing ideas and beliefs, and implement findings to maximise business success. When you begin your Insights Discovery journey, you will discover your strengths, areas of improvement, communication styles, and suggestions on how to build on your skills. Using a colour model, you’ll be assigned some colour energies that best suit your traits - from Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, to Cool Blue. Our programme is suitable for various kinds of organisations and even those with employees working remotely.