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Your behaviors under pressure will define you as a leader

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Never has there been a time when pressure is higher. As the pandemic continues to put strain on businesses across the country, leaders are forced to find ways to work well under the pressure. Having the ability to deal with demanding situations and crises help to define who you are as a leader and how you act in these sort of scenarios can directly impact how you’re perceived by co-workers or teammates.

This is a time where you really understand yourself and others in terms of what is important. Do you do what's best for the team or for yourself? Behaviors under pressure can be the thing that drives success. It also can be the thing that brings the company down.



Defining your values as a leader

Values and clear behaviors give you a framework in which to operate when under pressure. Defining a clear set of values for you and your team can help you better define processes for dealing with high pressure scenarios. 
Too often, companies neglect to articulate what their values really mean and what they look like? Behavior definition is an important piece that most companies miss and at the end of the day, your behaviours often define who you are as a leader.
At this stage if you cannot answer the below questions, then it's time to give the team at Performance by Design a call.
  • What is your personal brand?
  • What are your values?
  • What are your behaviors?


Becoming an effective leader under pressure

Becoming an effective leader doesn’t just happen overnight, but understanding how you can turn pressurised situations into learning moments for your team and business can help you achieve success.
At Performance by Design, we work with a range of organisations in leadership development. Whether you’re interested in 1-on-1 coaching or team training, we can help you get back on track.
By developing and defining a personal leadership style that suits your business, we can help you or your team members become effective leaders under pressure at any career stage.
From learning how to control yourself and maintain a level headed in challenging times or building a strong support system within your team to get you through the tough times, our team is here to help yours.