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Using the “Culture Code” as part of regular conversations

Use your words. What words you may ask? The words of your culture code, especially your values (team identity) and best behaviours.

The language we use (both externally and internally) has a huge impact on the way we behave, as it affects and controls our belief systems.

Results model:

Experiences > Language > Beliefs > Behaviours = Results

  • External and internal/self talk are just as important as each other

Little and often:

  • A key component within the system/structure you’ve built, is the fact that you will have implemented many moments in your week to week operations where you get to practice "Real Talk" in a little and often manner
  • There truly are no big things in the high performance game. Rather, what we see is a series of hundreds of small things that accumulate to create great success (what looks like a big thing)
  • Think little and often in relation to praising and recognizing positive behaviours and conversely, when you see something that is not connected to your culture code. The more you do this, over time, the better you will get. It’s really that simple. Practicing little and often will consistently provide you and your teammates with the clarity required to perform at your most powerful level
  • Timely feedback is also the most powerful feedback there is, so implementing a little and often system will enable this more frequently