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The System

We don’t leave your culture to chance.

Culture Code

High performing culture starts with a strong and clear culture code. Every team benefits from a framework that maps out expectations. Our first team workshop will guide you through this process to define your team’s purpose, values and behaviours, and create your own unique culture code.

Personality Profiling

Every team member is unique and the way we interact with them as leaders should take into account their individual communication and learning preferences. We love to use personality profiling tools to help leaders and their teams develop awareness of themselves and others and put that awareness into practice. We are accredited across a different range of partners, including Insights Discovery® and can offer a wealth of services within this tool for our clients. 


Relationships within our team and throughout the workplace are imperative to building trust. Building trust allows us to influence team performance as leaders. In today’s hybrid world, the level of connection we have as a team is varied, so we need to be purposeful in taking the time to build relationships. Within our workshops we introduce activities to aid deeper relationships amongst the group and to understand each other better. 

Real Talk

The fundamental skill for high-performing teams is developing the skill of what we call “Real Talk”, which is the ability to have honest conversations about team performance. Real Talk is a learned skill, and we practice this within our workshops to give team members the confidence to understand the Real Talk process, and to see the benefits of having these performance conversations within the team. 

Culture System

The team’s culture code becomes the foundation of your system and the PBD program will allow the team to understand and unlock this. James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) says that “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”. The priority for each team is to develop systems that allow them to be the team they want to be. We use your team’s culture code to hold the team accountable for developing and driving your own systems. 

Team Tune-Ups

Quarterly team tune-ups allow us to use Real Talk to identify what’s working and address what’s not. We then help you to make any adjustments to your systems to ensure that the team is delivering on your culture code and moving forward as a team. This is an essential part of the system that we’ve adopted from our sport coaching roots, as it enables us to engrain habits, encourage consistent positive behaviours, and to tweak what’s not working for the team.