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The System

We don’t leave your culture to chance.

Through understanding individual personalities and creating clearly defined behaviours, we help you open up honest conversations about performance. We call this Real Talk.

By enabling your team to reward and challenge behaviours through Real Talk, you’re able to build sustainable systems that enables role modeling leadership.

We design performance driven cultures and we codify it through:


Performance Designers
Performance Designers will work with you to design your culture code and team identity. We inspire and empower by using great stories, anecdotes and asking the best questions at the right time. We help you and your team create clear team behaviours so you can reward and challenge through Real Talk, creating a framework to grow role model leaders.

Culture Connectors
Culture Connectors help bring your Team Identity to life by integrating your Culture Code into the PBD system. This includes meeting rhythms, performance connections, structures, your tailored Performance Centre, PBD Institute and 24/7 offsite support. Culture Connectors provide the support you need to commit to your team behaviours and create new habits by holding you accountable to your system.


Culture Codes
We have a multitude of practical tools and frameworks to help design your Culture Code and bring it to life.

Components of your Culture Code include:

  • The combination of your team’s purpose, values and behaviours to create your "Team Identity"
  • Psycho-metric profiling
  • Real talk
  • The CARE factor survey
  • Performance connection repetitions
  • Mindfulness and positive psychology techniques


Team members of high-performing cultures have built excellent habits over a long period of time.

The Performance by Design system brings the team behaviours of your culture code to life through the combination of team training sessions and online platforms.

This will improve and create excellent habits and lead to sustainable high performance.

Your system will include:

  • Tailored "Performance Centre" software.
  • The Performance by Design institute
  • Team training sessions &and reviews
  • Meeting rhythms and structures

We empower leaders to focus on results - rather than putting out fires.

Using a people first, values-based model, we leverage the data obtained from your "Real Talk" sessions in order to implement new systems and structures into the way your team operates and interacts with each other. Subsequently, this builds your team's "accountability & recognition system" with the support of your team, enabling greater ownership and self-management from your team.

The model shows how the Performance by Design System plays out in real time displaying a 90 day cycle that is designed to repeat over time to ensure your organization continue to evolve and improve.

flow chart
flow chart

Performance by Design Architect

Your on-site facilitator who will inspire and guide your team through the design of a unique Culture Code comprising purpose, values ("Team Identity") and best behaviours.

Your PBD Architect will work closely with the primary leader of your organization to ensure they develop improved leadership qualities throughout the journey.

Culture Coach

As part of your off-site support system, your Culture Coach will support and work directly with your internal Culture Committee (see below) to maintain accountability to the Performance by Design system.

Your Culture Coach will ensure that your team executes and implements the structural changes determined at each team tune up.

Your culture coach works directly with your culture Architect to ensure maximum impact.

Culture Committee

Your internal Culture Committee is carefully selected at the kick-off workshop and contains a variety of team members from different areas in your organization.

Your Culture Committee will work to ensure structural improvements - determined in constructive feedback sessions - are implemented. This frees your primary leader from having to take a constant 'hands-on' role in team management.

PBD Institute

The Performance by Design Institute is an online training portal that delivers sessions for your whole team to participate in. It contains a dedicated section for the primary leaders of your organization to access critical information and feedback.

PBD Institute sessions are timed to address the challenges facing your team at specific points on the culture building journey. During PBD Institute sessions, you and your team will participate in activities that foster open and honest feedback about their own and each others’ behaviours.

Pillar Projects

In between the team tune ups, your management team, with chosen support staff, will choose a Pillar Project to work on for the months between team tune ups. The design and format of these projects will be determined during the constructive feedback sessions.

Past examples of major projects include job scorecards, internal scoreboards, mindfulness programming and physical training.

Team Building Events

Team building events are staged throughout the Performance by Design system to build stronger personal and professional connections within your team.

Choosing and implementing team building events will be a function of your culture committee.