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The player-coach syndrome video review

We recently wrote a blog article on this topic. As it was a popular concept we decided to record a video on the same. One of the things that professional sports does not allow their coaches to do is run out on the field and take a pass, kick or a snap for their players.

Yet in the corporate space, we consistently see leaders doing the work of their team members because they want it done right or they want it done now and they haven’t got time to teach and/or coach them through the job or the task at hand.

Consequently, when that happens, they’re robbing their team member of their ability to prove that they are competent and capable of completing the task. Furthermore, in doing so, the leader inhibits their team members ability to display character – persistence, determination, or commitment – to the task etc. What the leader is really doing, is robbing their team members chance of proving that they can be trusted.