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The importance of training in building trust

This session dives into the importance of training and practice to improve your real talk.

In this PBD session we are training:

1. Building Trust

a) Where there is trust, there is dialogue

b) You are more likely to speak up to give positive reinforcement and to challenge performance

c) The trust bank account deposits and withdrawals. We know we are going to make mistakes (withdrawals) because we are human. The institute is designed to help you systematically make deposits into the trust bank

2. Real Talk

a) Real Talk (feedback) is a learned skill, therefore it can be practiced

b) The more timely the feedback, the more powerful it is

We combine the 2 things we are training (building trust and feedback) to connect to the ability and the importance of, consistently rewarding and challenging each other

Genuine high performance comes through consistently pushing past what has been previously achieved and through making mistakes. If we keep doing the same thing over and over again, we cannot expect to consistently improve.

The questions throughout the PBD institute will progressively get deeper and challenge you in different ways. This is great for you as part of the team because you know that by simply committing to these sessions, you will continually grow and improve and that’s a great thing to know you have within your workplace.

Remember, challenging a teammate or peer does not mean being aggressive, it does not mean being right, it should come from a supportive place with an aim of improving.