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Remote workforce productivity is underpinned by trust and connection

The modern world will challenge the management team that feel we need to have 9 to 5 structure? Sure some companies require it, but many who enforce it don’t.

To build trust, leaders need to set their teams outcomes and let them prove they can achieve them with support. The more trust given the better they respond.

Communication is key. And modern technology supports this. Increasing check-ins to little and often allows us to increase accountability while also ensuring people are connected and not isolated. People want to be connected.

Data suggests that in the office people are only productive 2 hours a day. There is already a lot of data suggesting that teams are more productive at home with less distractions. That said ensuring you have rhythms to connect is important.

Do you need help setting up the rhythms with the right amount of interactions about work and how people are traveling? Can you ensure these rhythms don’t get stale? What other remote activities increase culture?