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Performance Training Centre – Overview

The Performance Training Centre or PTC, is a bespoke tech platform that provides a high-performing culture and wellness training system.

It has been designed to take the chance out of your Culture by validating the impact it has on your team performance.

The customisable software as a service platform is introduced in your initial workshops and captures data relating to overall team and individual performance.

The PTC compliments all elements of the PBD system, with a focus on how you and your colleagues behave, how you function as a team and how you communicate and make decisions, especially the difficult ones.

Let’s take a closer look.

Your dashboard gives you easy access to survey and Institute links including the Care Factor Survey, used for individuals as part of the entire company and their respective teams to find the key organisational needs to drive improvement.

Your dashboard also houses the cornerstone of all high-performing cultures, your Culture Code, outlining your teams purpose, values and behaviours.

If you don’t have clarity on this yet, not to worry, our Senior Consultants guide you through this essential process.

Your Culture Code is the reference point for all of your team’s decisions and conversations about performance, which is why it is positioned throughout the centre as to consistently re-enforce what matters most.

Team profile charts provide insights into the the personality and individual strengths of yourself and teammates. A key to improving conversations, strengthening relationships and leveraging skillsets.

Your dashboard also houses your self reflection exercise that partners with the Team Real Talk exercise found in the Real Talk section of your centre.

Your Real Talk section gives you access to foundational PBD exercises that focus on the team, chosen individuals and within a team or in a 1:1 setting.

Check-ins are used to optimize meetings in conjunction with your culture code, ensuring you continually recognize what matters most and make time to strengthen relationships, while getting key outcomes for your business.

Complimenting the Institute is the wellness section, providing instructional videos, guided meditations and mindfulness reading materials to help your teams manage stress and adversity and make values based, team-first decisions.

Finally, the reporting section provides an overview of team members personality profiles, surveys, completed training and Performance Centre usage – great for holding your team accountable.

Your reporting section also tracks shoutouts and supporting stories, providing valuable data that identifies your top performers and emerging leaders.

Your PTC provides your team with simple and practical tools and frameworks that inter-relate to build your bespoke, Performance by Design System; validating the impact that your culture has on your team’s performance.

Make the development of your people and commitment to your culture the number 1 strategy for your organizational growth and your one true competitive advantage.

Performance by Design – Don’t leave your Culture to Chance.