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Our Team

We’ve assembled a team of accomplished leaders from the professional sports and business worlds.  

Gerard Murphy

Founder / Senior Performance Consultant / C-Suite Coach

Paul Roos

Founder / Head Coach

Karly Leach

Senior Performance Consultant / C-Suite Coach

Emile Studham

Founder / Lead Consultant

Adam Lang

Head of Coaching

Tami Roos

Head of Wellness

Alexandra Papaiconomou

Performance Coordinator

Chris Olson

Senior Performance Consultant

Marc Edwards

Senior Performance Consultant / C-Suite Coach

Leigh Monti

Senior Performance Coach

Chloe Simpson

Marketing Manager
Gerard is the driving force behind program development and mentoring at Performance by Design. He has been a leading management consultant in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America for over 20 years.

After a successful career in teaching, Gerard spent 4 years at the Melbourne Football Club before beginning a career as a leadership consultant. In 2007, Gerard helped design and build the much-revered high-performance culture at Geelong FC. This culture would propel the team to win 3 premierships in 5 years and become the league benchmark for team performance.

Looking for his next challenge, Gerard went on to spend 4 years in the UK, with several high-profile sporting teams including England Rugby and the GB Olympic team, as well as some high-profile UK corporate organisations.  While in the UK, Gerard was appointed as the inaugural Chairman of the AFL Europe commission on behalf of the AFL.

Since returning to Australia in 2013, Gerard has continued his work in elite sport, as well as building an impressive resume working with some of Australia’s leading corporate and commercial organisations including Caterpillar, Nissan, Westpac, Vocus, Museums Victoria, Roberts Co, Higgins Coatings, Bunnings and Manningham City Council.
Following a legendary career in AFL, achieving success as both a player and a coach across 20 years, Paul brings his leadership skills to Performance By Design as Head Coach and Director of Brand, through all of his public facing engagements for the business.

Beginning as a 16-year-old at Fitzroy F.C., Paul would eventually finish his playing career at Sydney Swans where his love for high performance dialogue was instrumental to his coaching success. His revolutionary approach to player feedback and recognition was pivotal in building the much-revered ‘Bloods Culture’. In 2005, Paul coached the Swans to their first premiership in 72 years, an achievement that elevated him to AFL Legend status.

In 2013, Paul was appointed Head Coach of the Melbourne Football Club, where he implemented the same performance model used at the Sydney Swans. A rejuvenated culture saw Melbourne resurrected from an underperforming club to a competitive team pushing for finals.

Since becoming a co-founder of PBD in 2017, Paul has successfully transposed the leadership and culture lessons he has driven through his sporting experiences and successfully delivered them to the corporate market. His commercial insight and determination to derive bottom-line success through culture change is a feature of the PBD program.
Karly is a senior business leader that is passionate about developing successful teams and working within cultures that promote strong communication and collaboration, to allow team members to shine.

Throughout her career, she has held senior roles and learnt that successful leadership comes from trust through good communication, which allows you to build a strong team with collaboration at the core.

Her most recent experience was working at Deloitte as Head of Marketing and Media Assurance for Australia. This provided great insight into the world of professional service and the elements that clients expect from consulting companies.

Prior to that, Karly was the Managing Director of Media Agency Maxus within the WPP Network, where she worked for 13 years.

During this time, she lead a team that was rated the #4 Best Place to Work, merged 2 businesses to align values and minimize team movement, reduced the churn rate of the business to <10% and successfully implemented global business values, making them relevant to the local team through implementation, recognition and reward.
Emile began his journey at Toronto-based company Aussie X where he implemented an early version of the Performance by Design system under the mentorship of Gerard Murphy. The impact it had on his team was enormous, empowering the business to grow by more than 30% year-on-year.

The development and strength of Aussie X’s culture proved its ultimate competitive advantage. It was a great learning, showing Emile the impact of implementing the system & living by the team values and the company subsequently thrived.

This drove Emile’s passion in culture and leadership consulting and connected him to the other PBD Founders to set up the PBD business in 2017. Now consulting in North America with a vast array of corporate clients including Canadian Boston Pizza & Hydro One, Emile’s passion and knowledge guarantee, that his presence in the room always delivers outcomes for his clients.

A charismatic leader with a fun-loving nature makes for a unique character that people of all ages quickly warm to. Emile is a highly sought-after facilitator, speaker and culture consultant in the North American market.
Adam Lang has a career spanning decades in media, from the music industry to television and radio. Most recently, Adam was the Chief Executive Officer of the publicly listed Macquarie Media Limited until the full acquisition of the company by Nine Entertainment at the end of 2019.

Adam believes the value of coaching is not just in helping the coachee with an expert perspective and program but increasing their capacity for the business with and for the team. Coaching is one of the most committed and enjoyable pursuits Adam has known; to see coachees achieve positive outcomes is both valuable and incredibly rewarding.

Adam’s aim is to assist coachees to make the transition from subject matter expert to be the leader of a team, working with them on self-awareness as well as creating an environment of trust through role clarity and empowerment of their teams.

Adam is the co-founder of the daily business news podcast Fear and Greed and the Independent Chair of the Outdoor Media Association's MOVE 2.0 Delivery Group. Adam holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia and is a 2020 graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Earning her PHD in Parapsychic Science with her dissertation on meditation, Tami Roos came to a life-changing realization. She understood that meditation is a powerful tool that can lead us to a life of fulfilment and allow us to reach our highest untapped potential.

Tami Roos is a renowned meditation and mindfulness expert. She is passionate about the power of mindfulness to improve people’s lives and shares her wisdom with individuals, corporate businesses and sporting teams offering timeless wisdom for the individual seeking to slow down, gain clarity and experience more serenity in their life.

Benefits of mindfulness and meditation for teams and leaders have been well established – enhanced focus, mental resilience, innovation, and creativity, while at the same time reducing stress. Tami Roos is a big advocate of mindfulness and meditation in the workplace and has seen first-hand the benefits of these practices and techniques in a diverse range of businesses across the globe.

Tami Roos’s sessions use practical techniques and demonstrate how to incorporate mindful habits into daily personal and professional rituals. Backed up by data and science, these mindfulness and meditation practices create more effective, influential leaders who make better decisions and consequently build improved workplace cultures.
Alexandra has over 14 years of experience working as an administrative and communications professional. Throughout her career she has become adept in several areas including project and website management, event and workshop planning, content writing, and relationship management.

Alexandra is outstandingly efficient and loves to be organized, but her true passion was realized whilst working with corporate organisations helping them to engage and retain employees and achieve their sustainability goals. Since then, she has been researching what makes employees happy, valued and engaged at work.

In her role as the North American Performance Coordinator, Alexandra combines her passion for a happy and engaged workforce with her organizational skillset and tools. She supports the day-to-day operations for the North American team, working closely with clients to ensure their goals are realized.

Her experience and knowledge are invaluable to the program development and delivery at Performance by Design.

Chris joins Performance by Design with a wealth of knowledge in sales and leadership from his experience in the Automotive sector. Recently, running his own company; DealerMedics and prior to that as a Training Program Manager at Shift Digital for Acura Dealers. Through his work, Chris realized the traditional top-down training and managing approach across the industry, was limiting the effectiveness of the programs he was implementing and driving high staff turnover. After meeting Roosy in 1999 Chris started modifying his leadership approach and focused on empowering teams and promoting feedback. This led to an exponential impact on team culture and productivity.

Continuing his career, Chris identified another critical pattern; companies were focused on the wrong thing - it wasn’t the mechanics of their processes that needed work, it was the relationships between managers and staff. This realisation led to Chris’ passion towards effective coaching and team dynamics. He then began applying key leadership principles to his teams and witnessed clear positive change! When working with Acura Dealers and implementing these systems, his team was able to achieve outstanding sales results of +20% for three years running.

“My experience working with high-performing teams in high-pressure sales environments has given me the ability to ask leaders the right questions and empower them, rather than resort to basic instinct – often panic and aggression - when the pressure builds. I understand that companies must put culture ahead of processes to establish strong high performing teams that sustain themselves year after year.”

Chris is passionate about his role at Performance By Design, as he can use both his decades of experience and his passion for team enhancement, to contribute in a positive way to businesses in America.
Marc is an experienced business leader with over 15 years of experience in senior commercial operations and sales across various industries in Australia and overseas. He has a passion for building high-performing teams that deliver outstanding results through effective communication, collaboration, and fostering positive working environments where team members can thrive.

Throughout his career, Marc has taken a systemised approach to building values and behaviours that underpin the execution of business strategies. He believes that an organization's sustained success is directly attributed to the behaviour of its people and the ability to create human connection both internally and externally. His focus on leadership growth has enabled him to develop teams that consistently achieve significant revenue growth while building a strong and trusted culture.

Marc's recent experience holding senior commercial positions with leading elite sports teams has given him a deep understanding of the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving success. More recently Marc grew a startup from 3 to 23 team members through the implementation of the Performance By Design system which was the foundation for the execution of robust operating systems and rapid growth.

Prior to a career in sport, Marc spent time in various roles across sales, marketing and management in the property sector, including 5 years as a Management Consultant with the Abu Dhabi Government. Marc has a bachelor’s degree in business majoring in Finance.

As Marc joins Performance By Design, he brings his unbridled passion for leadership growth and is determined to take people on the same journey to build strong cultures that support individual growth and development, supporting Performance By Design to continue to make a strong impact on the business world.
Leigh has enjoyed a career spanning diverse industries, resulting in a rich background of experience and expertise. With a versatile professional journey encompassing media, manufacturing, technology, and FMCG, Leigh possesses the depth of experience necessary to bring about positive transformations for leaders.

Over 25 years, Leigh's career has been marked by senior executive roles in the ever-evolving media industry. Notably, he played a pivotal role during the formative years of Foxtel, demonstrating his aptitude for navigating change and driving growth. Additionally, Leigh ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing his own business, and showcasing his mettle as a visionary leader.

Leigh’s unique strength lies in his ability to seamlessly transition from addressing operational challenges faced by senior executives to closely nurturing and developing the personal style of aspiring leaders.

Leigh’s passionate commitment to leadership and its pivotal role in shaping the next generation of leaders sets him apart. He firmly believes that establishing clear and shared expectations is the foundational step toward creating an environment in which individuals and teams thrive.
Chloe is a strategic marketer with extensive experience in media agencies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. With a track record of driving growth for businesses across a range of sectors including FMCG, retail, property & financial services, she has honed the ability to take on business objectives and deliver tangible results through research-led planning and creativity.​

The fast-paced and results-driven nature of leading client relationships in media agencies has given her insight into the importance of effective communication, teamwork and pressure management in achieving success. With a keen awareness of these dynamics, she keeps them at the forefront of her priorities in every aspect of her work. ​

As a qualified yoga teacher, Chloe draws upon mindfulness techniques in her day-to-day. This not only helps her to manage stress, but to achieve mental clarity, resilience, and creativity, which has undoubtedly enhanced her performance in a corporate setting, as well as her general wellbeing.​

She brings her passion to Performance by Design to lead our marketing strategy, helping to share our expertise with current and future clients who want to develop themselves and their teams toward greater success.