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High performance is more dependent on team outcomes not individual outcomes

In this blog, we discuss how some individuals hold the opinion that high performance is when an individual team member is delivering really good results. It can be, but when it’s to the detriment of the team then it’s not. 


High performing individuals are invaluable, and while it should be one of the most important criteria in measuring performance, it shouldn’t be the only one. Why should you consider placing more importance on your team instead of individuals? Read more to find out. 

Team vs individual team performance

Recruiting high performers is no doubt a part of achieving great success, as they are the ones that bring new ideas, inspire and work most effectively. However, the significance of teamwork skills is a major consideration managers should think about looking for in even the most skilled individuals. To reach your company goals, you need the collective efforts of multiple individuals more than you need just one set of skills. Therefore, hiring the best individuals who are able to lead and support others, and ultimately, contribute their efforts in a team setting is pivotal. 


As managers and leaders, measuring and enforcing a strong team culture is how they can overcome individuals who may become too focused on their own performance.

How to build a high performance team culture

Here are some tips you can implement to promote more of a team rather than individual performance culture.

Promote sharing of knowledge

The success of teamwork is highly dependent on team members communicating, interacting and sharing knowledge and perspectives. With the skills and talent of high performing individuals, if they are able to work well in a team, they make great leaders and initiators in a team. 

Reward your team 

Recognising and positively reinforcing team achievements motivates people to continue their good behaviour. When teams are rewarded for their collective efforts and wins, they feel a sense of pride and belonging that will constantly fuel their teamwork. 

Drive engagement and provide purpose  

People have different personalities, character and values, therefore putting them in teams will create different dynamics. There is a lot more to creating a team than just grouping people together. This involves giving them a purpose through setting team goals that they have to collaboratively work towards. Another thing will be to find what motivates and engages the team, this may be opportunities to grow, experience new things or use new technology. 


While understanding that team performance is more important than individual, managers should also take the correct actions to support and drive high performance team culture. 

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