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The Culture Couch

"The Culture Couch" online show hosted by Performance by Design director and AFL great, Paul Roos takes a deep dive into the common (and not so common) confrontations and disputes leaders face day-to-day. Whether you’re the CEO of a high-performing company or the coach of your local AFL team, this podcast can help you find ways to adapt and overcome even the most complicated leadership challenges. Join "Roosy" and his guests as they share their stories and experiences of being a leader, and tips for building sustainable, high performing cultures. The relaxed conversation will provide you with simple and practical tools to help you build safety and connection within your team and beyond. Don't leave your culture to chance, jump on "The Culture Couch" today. You can now listen to "The Culture Couch" on Spotify as well.
Culture Couch
Ego is a dirty word

By his own account, Dave Misson has "lived a dream" during his professional life. Working as the high performance manager for the Australian cricket team, Sydney Swans, Melbourne FC and St Kilda FC, Dave has had the privilege to work with leaders such as Steve Waugh, Mark Taylor and Paul Roos.

Build your 25 point leadership doctrine

Host Paul Roos changes position on the Culture Couch and becomes the guest. Join Roosy as he talks about role model leadership, the power of review and his 25 Point doctrine that enabled him deliver the Sydney Swans their first premiership in 72 years. An enlightening conversation with one of Australia’s most respected sporting leaders.

The man in the mirror

Warren Everitt is the CEO of MediPharm Labs and a partner in PBD. In 2017 Warren was struggling as a leader in his role as Vice President of MarketOne, one of world’s largest marketing agencies. Implementing the PBD system transformed Warren’s leadership and helped him understand that if he was going to become the leader he wanted to be, he had to look long and hard in the mirror.

The paradox of high performance

Gerard Murphy has travelled the world working as a leadership consultant for over 20 years, working with leading sporting and corporate teams. The journey has taught Gerard that high performing cultures are a paradox. They are brutally honest but extraordinarily caring and safe. If this is true, how can teams get to this space and stay there.

It’s lonely at the top

From the outside, Emile Studham was a charismatic young entrepreneur living in Toronto, growing an exciting and fun business. However behind the façade, Emile was drowning. He was unable to hold difficult conversations with his team and he felt isolated and lonely. Listen to Emile’s story as he explores his journey and the things he had to change.

Be authentic and honest

Miling Harpur started as a sales consultant at Corporate Traveller and steadily rose through the company. When she was appointed National Head of Sales, she knew that she had to increase the accountability of the sales team in order to improve results and she immediately set about doing this. Miling’s energy and passion for her team is inspiring and will leave you smiling.

The duty of leadership

Tom Walley wants to be remembered as a decent bloke who cared about his people. In this harrowing conversation, Tom, the GM of Corporate Traveller, discusses the emotion of his ‘darkest day’ where he had to stand down many of his team on zoom. Tom describes the pain of watching the 450 familiar faces on screen while he told them of their fate.

Overcoming Leadership Challenges

"The Culture Coach" podcast explores a range of obstacles faced by leaders across Australia. Conducting interviews with sporting CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, famous athletes, and well-established managing directors - we take a look at common leadership challenges and discover techniques to overcome them.

Diversity and Inclusion

As a leader, diversity and inclusion should always be a priority. Not only does it drive economic growth, but it is also essential for social well being. Brilliant Women Global’s Janine Kirk AM (Chair Phoenix Australia) and Ana Marinkovic (Executive GM, NAB Small Business) take us on a journey as they share their views on resilience, diversity and inclusion - from the onset of Covid-19 to their prediction post pandemic.

Sometimes change is necessary

While your business may be successful, sometimes, change is necessary to breakthrough to the next level. Successful, young entrepreneur Emile Studham was growing an exciting business. However, behind the success, Emile was struggling. Unable to hold difficult conversations with his team, and feeling isolated and lonely - Emile knew something needed to change and explored ways to achieve this.

Inspiring the youth

Powerful stories can inspire young girls and boys to do better and achieve their dreams. At 16, Bianca Chatfield won a premiership in her first season at Phoenix, and 2 years later was selected for the Australian team. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Chatfield. Before the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Bianca was dropped from the squad and had to overcome the personal disappointment of a very public omission.

Mindfulness is meaningful

Often an aspect overlooked in leadership, Tami Roos has been practicing, studying (PhD) and writing about meditation for decades. She speaks to the importance of daily rituals, and how focusing on this practice can improve every aspect of your life.

Authenticity and honesty

Sales Consultant turned Head of Sales, Miling Harpur steadily rose through the ranks at corporate traveller. Tasked with the responsibility to increase the accountability of the sales team to improve results, Miling used her energy and passion for her job to inspire her team to achieve their goals.

Trying new things

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in reality, it made him. Exploring new options, finding innovative solutions and discovering ways to make a difference are crucial in performing as a leader. John Higgins, one of Australia’s most successful businessmen discusses how he quickly realised he would need to expand his portfolio to support his family.