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The Culture Couch

"The Culture Couch" online show hosted by Performance by Design director and AFL great, Paul Roos takes a deep dive into the common (and not so common) confrontations and disputes leaders face day-to-day. Whether you’re the CEO of a high-performing company or the coach of your local AFL team, this podcast can help you find ways to adapt and overcome even the most complicated leadership challenges. Join "Roosy" and his guests as they share their stories and experiences of being a leader, and tips for building sustainable, high performing cultures. The relaxed conversation will provide you with simple and practical tools to help you build safety and connection within your team and beyond. Don't leave your culture to chance, jump on "The Culture Couch" today. You can now listen to "The Culture Couch" on Spotify as well.
Culture Couch
Work harder, keep it real, enjoy the journey

Brett Stephens is probably the most resilient person you will ever meet. From a small country town in Victoria’s east, Brett had a dream to play AFL football. After trials at Essendon, Collingwood and Sydney, Brett finally made his debut at the age of 26 for Fitzroy FC where he played 133 games over 6 seasons and represented both Victoria and Australia.

Treat others the way you want your loved ones treated

If you have ever wondered why Bunnings is such a trusted brand, this Culture Couch is a ‘must watch’. Michael Schneider (MD Australia & NZ) shares his belief that leadership is about inclusion, compassion and empathy. Mike is passionate that leaders must have a growth mindset, be open to feedback, dedicated to learning and bringing their people on the journey.

Don’t fall in love with talent

Brian Cook is Australia’s most successful sporting CEO with 5 premierships at the West Eagles FC and Geelong FC over a 30 year period. By his own admission, Cooky was a ‘very average’ footballer but this was instrumental in developing ‘unbelievable resilience’.

Diversity and Inclusion

Brilliant Women Global (BWG) believe that diversity and inclusion drive economic growth and social well being. Janine Kirk AM (Chair Phoenix Australia) and Ana Marinkovic (Executive GM, NAB Small Business) take us on an amazing journey as they share their views on diversity, inclusion, resilience, leading through Covid 19 and Australia being the best country in the world at dealing with diversity.

Do what you love with people you care about

BlueRock is an exciting entrepreneurial community that people love to be a part of. A Fast 100 company, BlueRock has also been voted one of the best places to work in Australia. Listen to Bruce McFarlane (BlueRock's CEO and MD of BlueRock Law) and Trevor Gordijn (BlueRock's Chief Commercial Officer and MD of BlueRock Accounting).

Making the young girls better

At 16, Bianca Chatfield won a premiership in her first season at Pheonix and 2 years later was selected in the Australian team. For the next 6 years she was an integral member of the Diamonds winning a World Championship. However in 2010, prior to the Commonwealth games, Bianca was dropped from the squad and had to deal with the personal disappointment of a very public omission.

Aussie mateship

As a Canadian living in Australia, Stephen’s observations on mateship, humour and how Aussies care for each other are insightful. Stephen also provides us with a thought-provoking perspective on leadership during the Covid 19 period.

Landing the Sydney Kings plane

Gazey takes us on a wonderful journey through his career, his relationship with his dad, the culture of the Australian basketball team and his experience of ‘landing the Sydney Kings plane’.

Curiosity made the cat

After spending time with John Higgins, one of Australia’s most successful businessmen, we are reminded about the importance of curiosity. Starting out in the family painting business, John quickly realized that he needed to expand his portfolio to provide sufficient income for the family members.

People are all we have

On the surface, Neil Balme has had an amazingly successful career. With over 50 years experience, he has been involved in 9 premierships as a player, coach or administrator, serving 10 clubs in 3 states. But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Join us on the couch with Balmey as he talks about his experience.

The 10 minutes that will take 12 years off your life

For over 20 years Tami Roos has been practicing, studying (PhD) and writing about meditation. She is passionate about the impact that this daily ritual can have on improving every aspect of your life. Join Tami as she educates and entertains us on her crusade to make the world a healthier place by encouraging individuals (and companies) to take 10 minutes a day to improve their mental health.

Where others won’t

Cody's success story is actually one of failure. After going undrafted in the AFL and uninspired by a career in corporate HR, he packed up and moved to Canada at age 25. Ten years later, he coaches AFL Canada's men's national team (yes, that's a real thing), has written an influential leadership book, Where Others Won't: Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom.

Overcoming Leadership Challenges

"The Culture Coach" podcast explores a range of obstacles faced by leaders across Australia. Conducting interviews with sporting CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, famous athletes, and well-established managing directors - we take a look at common leadership challenges and discover techniques to overcome them.

Diversity and Inclusion

As a leader, diversity and inclusion should always be a priority. Not only does it drive economic growth, but it is also essential for social well being. Brilliant Women Global’s Janine Kirk AM (Chair Phoenix Australia) and Ana Marinkovic (Executive GM, NAB Small Business) take us on a journey as they share their views on resilience, diversity and inclusion - from the onset of Covid-19 to their prediction post pandemic.

Sometimes change is necessary

While your business may be successful, sometimes, change is necessary to breakthrough to the next level. Successful, young entrepreneur Emile Studham was growing an exciting business. However, behind the success, Emile was struggling. Unable to hold difficult conversations with his team, and feeling isolated and lonely - Emile knew something needed to change and explored ways to achieve this.

Inspiring the youth

Powerful stories can inspire young girls and boys to do better and achieve their dreams. At 16, Bianca Chatfield won a premiership in her first season at Phoenix, and 2 years later was selected for the Australian team. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Chatfield. Before the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Bianca was dropped from the squad and had to overcome the personal disappointment of a very public omission.

Mindfulness is meaningful

Often an aspect overlooked in leadership, Tami Roos has been practicing, studying (PhD) and writing about meditation for decades. She speaks to the importance of daily rituals, and how focusing on this practice can improve every aspect of your life.

Authenticity and honesty

Sales Consultant turned Head of Sales, Miling Harpur steadily rose through the ranks at corporate traveller. Tasked with the responsibility to increase the accountability of the sales team to improve results, Miling used her energy and passion for her job to inspire her team to achieve their goals.

Trying new things

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in reality, it made him. Exploring new options, finding innovative solutions and discovering ways to make a difference are crucial in performing as a leader. John Higgins, one of Australia’s most successful businessmen discusses how he quickly realised he would need to expand his portfolio to support his family.