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Week 10 – 5th May 2022

In our 10th week of Culture Couch Live for 2022 we discuss, how does sport make such quick and long lasting changes compared to the corporate world?

Fundamentally, one of the big differences is that with sport there's a huge focus day in, day out on the performance of the coach, the players, the organization. So because of that media focus they're really forced to drive performance and make changes. And we often say, even the teams that aren't going that well, are still trying things to improve on the basis that they know that they're going to be evaluated every single day in the media, whether it's television, whether it's social media, whether it's radio, whether it's newspapers. So I think that's the key difference initially, because we always say imagine if this meeting was being reported on, would our behavior change? The answer's probably yes, because you know that your performance is going to be evaluated. So I think that's what really drives it from a performance perspective.

The review process is a big difference. In the corporate space there is generally around one to four (if your lucky) formal reviews a year. In a lot of cases it’s deemed a low priority activity. Its usually dredded and something that isn’t focused on with any real effort. The prioritization of the review, where it should sit in the pecking order, but also the frequency of it is something that needs to be addressed in the corporate space. It doesn’t need to be a burden.

Corporates don't intentionally do it as a check in and a feedback loop. And we think that's something that we can really help make a difference with.