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How to Identify Future Leaders

When looking to equip our client organisations with the tools they need to identify and bring direction to the passage of future leaders to the top of their organisations, we like to make reference to the ‘Character/Competency Cube’. This is a matrix that can be used to simplify and lend structure to conversations about prospective future leaders within an organisation.

The Character/Competency Cube makes an explicit feature of two important measures of a person with leadership potential – character and competency. But it also helps decision-makers and present leaders understand where a particular individual's attributes place them on their journey with their organisation.


The two key continuums of future leadership potential

As unpleasant as being disappointed can feel, there is a lot you can learn from it. But in order to overcome disappointment, you must first understand it. Some instances of disappointment can be prevented, however just like in Bianca’s case, sometimes they are unavoidable. Being able to recognise the difference between situations that fall within our control versus factors that are beyond our control is crucial to dealing with frustrations appropriately. 
The second axis, character, is important because doing the work and leading a team are not the same thing. The skills that your future leaders exhibit need to be backed up with a character that facilitates great work across a team and takes the organisation forward as a whole. Many companies focus exclusively on technical competency – what these organisations tend to lack is a culture that fosters respect and team-driven performance across generations.

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