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So you’ve got company values. Now what?

By Paul Roos, 28th March 2019

Values bind us as humans. They unite and align us within teams. The majority of people we speak to in this line of work might have values at their company, but the biggest gap we see today is how they operationalise them. Most companies just cannot turn values into behaviours.

As humans we all live through our own set of values created by our individual upbringing, education and point of view of the world. We use them when making a whole range of decisions: hiring, relationships, consumer decisions, ethical issues and many more.

Bringing your core team values to life first comes through language. It has to start with all staff knowing what each mutual core value is. Otherwise their answer will come from their list of personal core values and what they think the company is ran by.

When a team creates their own set of values, you now have a collective of people making a whole range of decisions launched through the team’s values.

When people behave in a way that is aligned with the team values, they deserve to be recognised and praised. When they do not behave in that way they need to be challenged.

When creating a High Performing Culture you get what you reward.

Let’s return to the focus of this article and that is identifying what simple (yet important) steps you can take to make your team’s core values come alive throughout your corporate team.

  1. Put up signage throughout the company’s walls
  2. Use the values in written and verbal language
  3. Create a list of Best Behaviours aligned to those values
  4. Set times during a week to practice praising positive behaviours
  5. Use your Values to hire, evaluate performance and even fire

NOTE: If you would like more coaching around how to use this model, please reach out to us and we’ll gladly help!

So there you have it folks, 5 simple steps to implement Values & Best Behaviours into your business today.