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On this page you'll find  all the latest news and culture tips as Performance by Design continues to drive change within organisations globally.
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Performance connections

The little often moments within your companies schedule to recognise and reflect, are key to a high performing culture.

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The Importance of the Competition Complex and How It Can Improve Performance

In professional sports there are 4 C's that help build a high performing culture. Care, Compassion, Celebration and Competition. These can be used to build a high performing corporate culture.

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How to identify future leaders

How do you identify potential future leaders? If you are like most then you promote your high achieving individual performers. Its important to understand that doing the work and leading a team are not the same thing.

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How you provide feedback directly impacts performance

Do the number of positive reinforcements outweigh the number negative reinforcements?

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What Behaviours Define You as a Leader?

What behaviors are you consistently displaying that has you leading by example inside of your organization?

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Playing vs Coaching – Why Great Players Don’t Always Make the Best Coaches

Playing the game and coaching the game are two very different things yet we see far too many companies promote their highest performers into leadership positions only to see them fail.

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The Importance of Giving and Receiving Feedback in the Right Environment and Its Positive Impact on Performance

What framework have you created inside of your team to enable all players to engage in open and honest dialogue as a means to challenge each other and achieve better business results?

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Enable your A-players to become great leaders

One way to enable your A-players to become great leaders is to implement a leadership development plan.

Group of millennial friends watching smart mobile phones - Teenagers addiction to new technology trends - Concept of youth, tech, social and friendship - Focus on smartphones
Do you find yourself thinking you are not speaking the same language as the younger generation?

A common response from today's leaders when they speak of their younger generation is "I just don't seem to speak their language". That's because they are not.

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The energy you give off, is the energy you get back

The performance of your team directly correlates to the strength of the relationships. Strength of relationships are built upon the depth of the conversations.

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The right structure can set you free

For decisions to flow quickly, productivity to be high, collaboration to be fluent, dialogue to flow powerfully, there has to be alignment and trust.

The faster any team can work their way through a challenge, the faster they can jump onto the next one.
Providing feedback is a learned skill, therefore it can be practiced

The faster any team can work their way through a challenge, the faster they can jump onto the next one.