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Facilitate to Freedom – How to exhibit High Impact Leadership

Too many leaders today are stuck in the maze of business.


Doing the work rather than spending time doing the highest impact activities.

Spending time building relationships, looking at market trends that could benefit the business, identifying challenges ahead are all examples of activities that may be more beneficial.


To get out of the weeds, rather than entering the room and offering solutions, how about allowing the team to derive solutions for themselves. Guiding them into the right ones where appropriate. This will empower the team to think for themselves and ultimately you will find you have happier more engaged employees as well as more time to focus on activities that improve the business as a whole.

Habits to nurture in high impact leadership development

Make your leadership actions more purposeful with the following tips.

1. Set your purpose

This powerful habit allows you to declare your intentions, foster trust, and work more efficiently with new people. Here, you can set your standards and expectations at the start of any relationship and save time and confusion from misunderstandings. 

2. Never stop investing in personal growth

Development and growth is the key to being a leader for others to look up to. A high impact leader will do anything it takes to improve and work on their personal development. The passion and hunger that a high impact leader embodies is what sets them apart from a mediocre leader. This is how they inspire and continue to progress as individuals. 

3. Invest in potential leaders 

True leaders are not just about growing themselves – they want to grow other leaders. High impact leaders will provide support to aspiring individuals through their own personal leadership development journeys, like a mentor figure. They believe that the impact of their developing leaders is a priceless return on their investment in growing them. Leaders also see it as an achievement to be able to mentor others and pass on their knowledge and experience. 

4. Build and maintain a leadership program 

To train and grow the best leaders, high impact leaders create internal leadership programs that will challenge and test their abilities. It’s beneficial to focus on growing a leader’s strengths to draw out their passion and energy. High impact leaders will spend more time growing their top leaders.

5. Show appreciation 

Rewards, whether big or small, are a great way to show genuine gratitude and appreciation for those who work with you. Celebrating wins and achievements is just as important as identifying room for improvement and calling out mistakes. People who are supported, appreciated and recognised by their leaders are much more satisfied, engaged and content in their work. 

6. Be an active listener 

A challenging thing for most leaders to do is to wholeheartedly listen to others without leaping in to provide a solution. To master the act of listening, high impact leaders should learn to read between the lines and listen for things that aren’t always being explicitly said.

Learn more by reaching out to the team 

Want more advice and assistance on how to show high impact leadership? Contact the Performance by Design team today. We specialise in offering the tools and resources to help you perform at your best and lead your organisation to success.