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The Benefits of Measuring Performance in the Workplace

Performance measurement is a process that all businesses undertake in some way or another. However, organisations tend to underestimate its contribution to achieving strategic success as well as correctly take action from what the results show. 

Conducting performance measurement in the workplace allows you to see how aligned your employees are with your organisation vision and goals as it shows what’s up to standard and what’s lacking. Depending on your organisation, there may be various methods, people and systems put in place to monitor these results. Performance measurement can also take many forms, be conducted at different levels and intervals. There isn’t a one size fits all approach to performance tracking so organisations will need to find the best way that works for them. 


Ways of measuring performance in the workplace

There are several employee performance measurements that an organisation can track relating to personal behaviours, ability to deliver quality work and in a timely manner, and satisfaction. These include:

Work-related performance measurements

Personal performance measurements

Employee satisfaction performance measurements 

While every organisation will have different expectations and standards, measuring performance in the workplace provides an indicator of what needs to be changed, improved and maintained. Performance at any level, has a direct impact on organisational success and giving your employees goals to work towards and rules to abide by are what will lead to better organisational culture and success. Carrying out performance tracking will not always be perfect the first time round, and may require continuous improvement over time, but once refined, it will be one of the best tools to help organisations grow. The key takeaway here is that performance measurement is crucial for any organisation to continue to improve and to be able to work towards a goal or objective.


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