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Trust is the essential ingredient for innovation

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In high performing teams trust is an extremely important thing. We talk about it a lot. We’re trying to constantly build it. If you’re not constantly trying to build it, then you might want to think about what you’re doing.

Where there’s trust there’s dialogue, we call that real talk. That ability to give and receive feedback, irrespective of positions on the team. They challenge and reward each other. That open dialogue, that real talk is really important to building trust.

“Building trust is bigger than tactics, it’s your entire mission” - Brain Clark.



What’s love got to do with high performing teams?

An article written by Forbes magazine on a study done by Yoshi Beier dives deep into trust and openness in the workplace. He says trust in work settings comes in two forms: interpersonal and organisational.
Whether you’re interacting with your peers, your boss, or your clients, it’s always important to practice what you preach, keep your promises and come clean as soon as possible when you make a mistake. Building trust interpersonally isn’t really an option when you want to establish credibility.
Organisational trust relies on an individual’s ability to build trust and take it to a more complex level. By establishing your company’s mission, culture, and values, you can ensure confidence in your long-term and short-term future.


The importance of trust in business relationships

In a high performing team, members should always feel safe to engage in honest conversations about performance with any member, irrespective of their position on the team. By developing the ability to have real talk within an organisation, you can instill trust and happiness with each other, which is really important to fuel collaboration and innovation.
It’s also important to remember that the strength of your internal relationships drives the success of your external results. Forged on connection and trust, it’s impossible to succeed without relationships that allow you to grow.


Develop your leadership skills with Performance by Design

To be a trustworthy leader, it’s important to:
  • Be accepting of new ideas
  • Ask questions when presented with a problem
  • Say thank you
If you’re struggling to gain the trust of your employees or co-workers, we can guide you step-by-step. We offer a range of support from leadership development to individual leadership coaching. Get in touch with the team at Performance by Design today.