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1-on-1 Executive Coaching and Mentoring Training Program

As a leader or manager, you may not always have the solutions and answers to every question asked of you by your team. It’s an ongoing process to learn how to manage different issues and undertaking a management coaching course is one of the best ways to do so. By participating in a one-on-one leadership coaching program, you can quickly discover the skills needed to improve your and your team’s performance. Working on your coaching and mentoring skills is one of the most effective ways to enhance ingenuity, knowledge, and abilities for both yourself and other individuals within your organisation.

What is executive coaching and personal coaching?

Leadership coaching and mentoring usually involve programs that support individuals to achieve their maximum potential as leaders and managers. While similar in nature, it’s important to understand that they are two very different concepts. Coaching refers to having a one-on-one relationship between a coach and a coaching client where they work together to set and achieve personal goals based on organisational objectives. It also involves taking skills and leadership capabilities to the next level. Mentoring, on the other hand, relies on the experience of the mentor and focuses on the growth of the mentee as a complete person. There is no specialised training required for mentoring, and it can be performed by anyone senior to the mentee.  

When to use mentoring vs. coaching?

Coaching and mentoring team members can be effective for a number of reasons and in a variety of situations. A commonly held belief is that coaching is more of remedial intervention, and is a technique used to support an individual who may be struggling with certain skills or lacking in terms of knowledge. This is not the case, as coaching is actually of best use when utilised to reward high-achievers. Why? Because by providing them with opportunities and guidance to establish and achieve goals, these people will become a stronger version of themselves and better performers within the organisation. Mentoring, on the other hand, can play the role of an open-ended intervention, assisting the mentee to develop in a holistic sense. The reason is that the process draws on the personal experience of the mentor to offer guidance and clarity. Mentoring can be beneficial in some scenarios, however, it often suffers due to a lack of structure that you would find in a good coaching program.

Keys to being an effective coach or mentor

Being an effective coach or mentor requires dedication and skill. We’ve listed some of the key traits below: 

Creating an authentic connection

The key to becoming a great coach requires the ability to make the people you are working with feel comfortable. This means you need to develop an authentic connection where individuals feel understood, respected and appreciated. Connections can be formed by greeting team members in a warm and personal way, asking open-ended questions with a casual or natural tone, maintaining a relaxed posture, and practising humour and humility.

Appreciate their strengths

The coach or mentor’s role is to help the other party develop to their full potential. To achieve this, try to recognise their strengths and look for ways to build upon them. A good way of identifying an individual's strengths is to focus on what they like to do outside of work or away from the organisation, to truly see whether their interests and talents lie. Use this information around what they do for fun and try to incorporate it within their role.

Fostering trust

Trust goes a long way to developing a strong relationship between the two parties. This helps the mentee to share their goals or concerns, and feel safe in doing so. Such a process requires time and patience so think about daily behaviours that you can use to support this, such as:
  • Reward your team for hitting their goals
  • Demonstrate desired behaviour through your own actions
  • Support team members with their work if they need time off
  • Be honest, upfront and approachable when it comes to offering feedback

Our approach to coaching and mentoring 

Depending on your business or individuals’ goals and needs, we can coach you in a range of areas including:
  • Developing a professional identity and personal code to help guide you in making values-based, tenacious decisions.
  • Finding ways to conduct honest, difficult and compassionate conversations with your team while maintaining safety and confidence.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and others to better influence the identity of your teammates and identify potential leaders within your organization.
  • Implement best practices to keep your team productive, positive and connected - even when you’re all remote.
  • Develop skills in a hands-off approach that enables your team members to take ownership under pressure.

One-on-one business coaching tailored to your organisation and personal needs

Sometimes 1-on-1 coaching is necessary to achieve and exceed the goals you’ve set out as a leader. Whether you're a C Suite officer, existing manager or emerging leader, our 1-on-1 coaching can be customised to suit the unique needs of your organization or growing business.

What are the benefits of business coaching programs?

Business coaching should ultimately have a profitability advantage for your company, either by reducing your costs or boosting your revenue. Business coaching can offer benefits on an individual and organisational level. There is a range of advantages depending on what coaching services you choose to undertake.


  • Better culture
  • More efficiency, productivity, and direction
  • Increase in employee morale and motivation
  • More meaningful communication personally and professionally
  • More supportive work environment
  • Room for progression and training opportunities
  • Better performance
  • Improvement in company processes
  • Better chance at reaching successful outcomes


  • More learning and improvement opportunities
  • More support from leaders and managers
  • Better mental health and wellbeing
  • More confidence
  • Ability to learn communication, interpersonal, management skills
  • Improved performance

Who is business coaching services most suited for?

If you want your organisation to succeed and to provide progression opportunities for your employees, you should consider getting a business coach. Most companies who seek out executive, personal, or leadership coaching have a pain point they would like to resolve. But in general, coaching can help businesses and individuals reach their full potential even if they’re doing well. The 3 main groups of individuals that business coaching can assist are:
  • Senior executives, managers, and leaders - executive coaching
  • Middle managers - leadership coaching
  • Employees - performance coaching or team coaching

How to measure the ROI of business coach leadership training

Measuring the return on investment of executive coaching can be tricky as the knowledge and skills you gain from it contribute to outcomes that cannot be tangibly observed or clearly calculated.In order to see whether your executive coaching has profited your business, you may want to monitor metrics such as:
  • Increase in sales (overall, by department, or cross-division)
  • Savings (lower cost per lead, decreased inventory,
  • Employee metrics such as satisfaction, turnover, absenteeism, injuries
  • Behavioural measures

How to find the right business coach

When you’re searching for an executive training coach, you will want to ensure that their background, skills, and experience match your goals and business. There is a wide range of coaches out there with different specialisations so you need to find one that can provide a tailored coaching approach to set you up for success.

Get in touch to learn more about private business coaching

Ready to transform your business? Reach out to the team at Performance by Design and we can find the best solution to help your business succeed.


What is a business mentor?

A business mentor is someone who provides advice and knowledge to someone within a business or organisation. They use their experience to support and guide individuals to achieve their full potential, realise their goals, and take on new skills. This can involve working on career growth and building confidence. The key to a successful mentoring relationship is that the business mentor has experience and learnings to share, making them a reliable source for self-improvement.


What does a business mentor do?

Business mentors offer guidance to mentees in relation to career progression and interpersonal skill development. Some of the things that they may help with include job options, goal setting, networking and identifying useful resources to implement. In this sense, a mentor acts as a professional role model and advisor. To encourage development and to ensure the best results, business mentors should build a strong degree of trust with the other party, share their skills and knowledge and act in an empathetic way regarding their needs. A mentor’s role evolves over time to suit the needs of his or her mentee. 


What is a business coach?

Business coaches use skills and developmental goals by breaking them down into clearly defined tasks that need to be finished within a set period of time. This means that business coaches support and offer advice to individuals to support growth, and that they prioritise goals based on the needs of the organisation. The process outlined here involves following a more formal structure when it comes to problem-solving and managing different aspects of the job. 


What does a business coach do?

Business coaching is an involved process that focuses on identifying goals, ordering them based on importance and defining the best way to achieve them. Therefore, business coaches are responsible for assisting businesses to become more accountable, objective-based and competitive. These professionals work across all aspects of business, from meeting sales targets and devising marketing strategies to improving communication skills and team building. A transformational business coach is always prepared to challenge the status quo, question decisions, and encourage leaders to appreciate other perspectives. 


Why do you need a business coach?

Business coaches have specialised knowledge and expertise to train managers, leaders, business owners, and executives in better managing their teams and setting their businesses up for success. No matter how big or small your business is, having a business coach can help you ease the burden of management and grow it to its full potential. Your business doesn’t have to be failing for you to gain from hiring a business coach, you will be able to reap a range of benefits with private coaching as long as you have goals in mind.


Why is coaching so powerful?

Coaching is powerful because it allows you to work with a trained professional who will help you develop an action plan for your career goals. We'll listen to your concerns, ask questions about how you want to achieve those goals, help you develop strategies for success, and hold you accountable for implementing those strategies.


What should you look for in a coach?

The best executive training coach will be able to help you identify the goals that are most important to you and your business. They'll make sure that those goals are aligned with your overall vision for the future, and help you develop a plan for achieving those objectives. Your coach will also provide feedback on how to improve your performance and give guidance on what types of skills you need to refine in order to reach your goals.


Is leadership coaching actually effective?

Business coaching is a great way to help you get closer to the results you want to achieve for your organisation. It uses a range of studied and proven methods to help you think differently about your challenges and opportunities so that you can make better decisions and act on them more effectively.

Management coaching can help you make better use of the resources such as time, money, and people. No matter what stage of development your organisation is at, business coaching can be an effective tool for helping you reach your objectives.


How does coaching impact company culture? 

Coaching can have a significant impact on your company's culture, because it helps you to develop the skills and abilities that are needed for your business to thrive. When you're able to create a positive and progressive environment, where employees feel inspired, supported, and motivated, this will lead to better performance.

Leadership Coaching

Combining mindfulness and modern neuroscience principles, Performance by Design can help you build leadership capabilities and improve the overall performance of your business or organization. Our leadership coaching program helps you to establish the right approach to overcome daily challenges as a leader through self-reflective exploration.

Executive Coaching

If you're in an executive position, such as a C-Level Director or Senior Executive, it’s important to develop awareness and challenge existing mindsets in your organization. By developing a unique sense of self-awareness and finding your passion and power to improve organizational thinking, relationships and innovation - you can better establish yourself as a leader.

Management Coaching

New to management or want to up your game? Performance by Design has a proven track record in assisting both experienced and budding managers in kicking goals for themselves and for their team. Whether you’re working in the public or private sector, our team can help equip you with the skills needed to support your staff in reaching their potential and fostering a culture code that embraces engagement, productivity and positivity.

Career Coaching

Helping individuals achieve their career goals, our individual leadership coaching program offers a unique approach to career development. Providing support for individuals considering a career change or actively seeking new employment opportunities, we can help you with: planning, CV preparation and interview coaching.