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On this page you'll find  all the latest news and culture tips as Performance by Design continues to drive change within organisations globally.
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Cultural Awareness In The Workplace
Cultural Awareness In The Workplace

The workplace is a rapidly changing environment and it's never been more important to appreciate the importance of cultural awareness. Doing so can ensure that an organisation has a diverse make-up, and that different talents, viewpoints, and perspectives can be shared openly and without fear.

Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership

The number of women in leadership roles is growing, however many still face unconscious bias in the workplace. Unconscious bias refers to social stereotypes relating to specific groups of people, that are formed by individuals outside of their conscious awareness.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast! - Which Is More Important
Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast! – Which Is More Important?

As the phrase by Peter Drucker says, culture is the determining factor upon the success of an organisation’s strategy. According to this idea, no matter how amazing your strategy is, if your company culture isn’t adequate, your business visions are set up for failure. 

What is safety culture in the workplace
What is safety culture in the workplace?

Safety culture is the broad concept that encompasses the promotion of safety values, procedures and beliefs in the workplace. It also contributes to the wider organisational culture, where individuals are working collaboratively to reach goals. 

Bullying in the workplace how to deal with it.
Bullying in the workplace: how to deal with it.

One of the biggest threats to culture in the workplace is the existence of bullying. While you may not think that it could be happening in your workplace, bullying can easily go by unseen and left to damage company culture. 

Key Insights From Our COVID-19 Leadership Survey

This podcast from Ramona Shaw discusses the main take-outs from a Leadership survey on COVID-19. The three key points that successful Leaders did well in times of upheaval, were around communication, care and empathy. She then goes onto describe things you can implement in each of these areas to ensure you are caring for your teams in times of crisis.

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Team During Covid-19

This article from Forbes talks about your responsibility as a leader to take care of your team and the 5 ways to do that during COVID-19.

High Performance Teams
How To Build A High Performance Culture (No Rules Rules)

This podcast looks at Erin Meyers work with Netflix and discusses the research from Professor Will Phelps on culture and its impact on organisations. He discovered that tolerating poor performers within your team, can hinder overall team efficiency by up to 45%.

Business People Meeting using laptop computer, calculator, notebook, stock market chart paper for analysis Plans to improve quality next month. Conference Discussion Corporate Concept
How company culture impacts your bottom line

When debating the impact of culture to the business, this article claims that half the difference in operating profit between organisations is attributable to cultural factors.

Can you force your team to come back to the office? The Hybrid Workplace

One thing the Covid pandemic has highlighted is that uncertainty, across a multitude of areas in both our personal and professional lives, is here to stay for the foreseeable future. What is certain, is that in the workplace, how things were done previously has changed forever.

The Future Of Work Is Hybrid
The Future of Work is Hybrid: The Hybrid Workplace

Sasha Connor is the founder of Virtual Work Insider where she works with teams to drive culture across distance. In this podcast she speaks about redesigning the workplace for location inclusion and building from a place of remote first.

Culture, performance & why business is like sport

Adam Lang speaks to Gerard Murphy, Founder of Performance By Design, about why a business coach is so important to turning a company's culture around.