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Each week the PBD team answer frequently asked questions on The Culture Couch. Watch the boys give their experience to support culture and performance change.
  • Do you generally start with teams that are low performing?
  • How do you manage different personalities?
  • How do you deal with the talented people that don't follow the rules?
  • We have a great culture at our organisation. When we hire people, we tend to forget about our culture and hire for talent and not behaviours. Why do companies forget about this?
  • I have just joined an executive team and I am struggling being challenged in my area of expertise. How do I deal with this?
  • What has changed for leaders in this COVID period in terms of buildin meaningful relationships at work?
  • We hear a lot about leadership groups in sport. Do we put the same emphasis in business as we do in sport?
  • Can you change culture from the bottom up?
  • What do you do if your boss is old school?
  • What is the biggest challenge opportunity with employing millennials? What do you think is the best way to maximize their output?
  • Can you share three to four tips on how leaders can display more communication? Or their how they can demonstrate better communication the staff in the office?
  • We talk a lot about or we hear a lot about leadership groups in football and in sport, and they're really, really important. Are they equally as important in the corporate world?
  • How do you make culture that is sustainable?
  • What do you do, when you have the wrong people in your leadership team?
  • I'm a young person in a new company, and aspire to become a leader. Any advice?
  • Why do leaders continually put up with poor behavior?
  • What is the role of the board in creating high performing cultures?
  • We've had to rejig our organization we're joining teams to become, we joined two teams to become one team. How do I join those teams together effectively?
  • Isn't the leader's job to communicate when good and bad?
  • I've got a plumbing company with a limit 11 plumbers, they are all men, and they aren't into either sharing their feelings or holding each other accountable. Would your system work for us?
  • I've got a sports background. What advice to someone who feels the lack of team in a corporate environment?
  • I love where our work and the environment but I must say I struggle on a Monday as I don't know much about sport and everyone seems to be talking about it, and I guess it is really prevalent, isn't it?
  • Does it get lonely when you're trying to make changes? Like how and how do you, how do you counteract that?
  • Do leaders have the change some of their role coming out of this COVID period?
  • Do CEOs need a coach themselves?
  • I'm frustrated because we are a siloed company and we don't really function as a team
  • I seem to be always busy. I'm not sure that I'm doing the work that I really want to do and building strong relationships
  • Every time we try to give feedback at work, it seems to turn into a joke. Any tips?
  • We're in a growth period of our organization and have a great culture. We're about to recruit some more people and are worried that that might impact negatively on that culture. Any suggestions about recruitment and the onboarding process?
  • When is the best time to start a cultural change program?
  • What is the biggest hindrance to success of the PBD system?
  • I am a small medium business owner and we recently went on a culture transformation. We are seeing some great people coming into the organisation, but some long term staff are starting to push back.