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An overview of personality profiling

One of the most popular components of the PBD System is that of the personality profiling.

You are not just one personality type, you are made up of all four and can move dependent on what the situation calls for.

The tool is used to guide people’s behaviour in any given moment and empower people to behave in a way that is best for the team and to achieve your desired outcome.
E.g. If a yellow expressive peacock has an expense report to do (requires process, order, analytical behaviours), they need to step into the blue analytical energy to perform that job.

The profiling exercise is designed to fulfill 3 needs (and they are in order):

  1. Better understand yourself (self awareness)
  2. Better understand others
  3. Build strong professional relationships and communicate more effectively

The 4 personality profiles

1. Blue analytical owl: The introverted thinker.

On a good day: processing data, create and stick to process and systems. Loves to do a job and do it with accuracy. Task oriented.

On a bad day: slow to take action, cold, stuck in the process.
Their kryptonite is inaccuracy and lack of process

2. Green amiable dove: The introverted feeler.

On a good day: caring, and supportive nature. Generally good team players as harmony is important to them. Relationship focused.

On a bad day: slow to make decisions, docile, reliant, stubborn. Their kryptonite is conflict

3. Red driver eagle: The extroverted doer.

On a good day: Confident, competitive, assertive with a get things done attitude. Task oriented.

On a bad day: aggressive, hasty, angry, overbearing, flippant on people’s feelings.
Their kryptonite is failure and inaction

4. Yellow expressive peacock: The extroverted influencer.

On a good day: Friendly, open, enthusiastic and energetic. Enjoys working with people. Relationship focused.

On a bad day: hasty, flamboyant, erratic, unfocused, careless. Their kryptonite is rejection and structure