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Stuck, but don’t know why

Create unity within fractured teams.
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Rebuilding team dynamics can be challenging for managers and business leaders. Getting support early will relieve the strain on productivity and set your team up for success.

What causes stagnation?

Cultures can become stagnant for many reasons. Often, teams are formed in an ad-hoc manner to achieve one thing, only to have changing business objectives force a recalibration of individual roles that breaks alignment.

Other times, businesses that have been achieving strong outcomes will simply allow negative behaviours to fly under the radar.

Without a course correction each member of these teams will gradually shift into self-preservation mode - and stop chasing improvement in themselves and their colleagues.

An opportunity to redefine your culture

Sometimes, even when a team is hitting targets, its culture can stagnate. This affects relationships, morale and crucially, staff retention.

If you’ve hit a road block with your team dynamics, now is the ideal time to lay the foundations for a stronger, high performance culture. Performance by Design creates unity within teams, allowing them to work more effectively and with fewer personality clashes.

Creating alignment

Performance by Design is the perfect companion to leaders and managers prepared to tackle team dynamics head-on. It rejuvenates teams by uniting them under shared values and agreed behaviours.

A Performance by Design Culture Coach will train your team to use the same practical communication skills employed by champion sports teams around the world. Under careful supervision, they will learn and rehearse honest feedback delivery that cuts through noise and gets results. Over the course of your tailored program, this high performance dialogue is going to become habit - and the hallmark of your new culture.

With Performance by Design, everyone has a role to play. Supported by the Performance by Design Institute and your PBD Architect, your team will take part in regular activities and projects that encourage collaboration and relationship building.

Talk to us today about how we can support meaningful change in your business or professional sports team.